How Long Can You Live With Mitral Valve Regurgitation?


It is a heart complication that occurs due to the wrong blood flow through a valve. If the blood flow is not efficient enough, the person will feel tired and breathless frequently. One can deal with this situation in different ways, like lifestyle changes. However, if the situation gets worse, surgery is sometimes necessary.

Life after surgery is the same as a healthy individual’s, and the chances also increase. You must be aware of the basics of this heart complication to understand the chances of survival in case you get diagnosed with this disease. Let us discuss the detailed insight into Mitral Valve Regurgitation complications.

Things you should know about mitral regurgitation

Basics of the issue

There are four chambers in your heart, the blood flows from the upper chambers to the lower ones, and the mitral valve controls this flow. If the blood moves back to the upper heart chamber, it leads to health issues like chest pain, short breath, and more. Even though it is treatable with minor lifestyle changes, sometimes surgery is also required.

How long can one survive?

The time for which a patient with the issue can survive depends on the severity of the situation. It usually takes 2 years before a person identifies the symptoms, and a person has many years to get it treated. However, an ideal way to deal with mitral valve regurgitation is to consult with a doctor and get the diagnosis done to understand the correct treatment. Your doctor will tell you if lifestyle changes and medicines are enough or you would have to go for the surgery.


It can get treated at home with medications that your doctor will recommend. Moreover, the doctor will also direct you to do exercises, follow a good diet and keep your blood pressure under control. Stay away from smoking or stress, as it can increase the chances of heart attack and weakens the heart muscles.

If the situation worsens, the final resort is to go for the surgery. The doctor does minor incisions in the chest to treat the issue. This surgery is not as complicated as a bypass, and the life after it is as normal as any other individual.

If you are ever diagnosed with the issue, do not take it lightly. You must get in touch with the best cardiologist in your area and be regular with your appointments. Follow whatever your doctor suggests and keep the situation under control.

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