Controlling Your High Blood Pressure Using Natural Ways


High blood pressure affects many people worldwide and it is one of the most common conditions that people are suffering from nowadays. If untreated it can be fatal since it can lead to a stroke or heart attack. However high blood pressure is easy to treat and patients who have the condition can lead perfectly normal lives. It can also be prevented easily. Remember that prevention is always better than cure.

The best way to control high blood pressure is by using natural methods. These methods are convenient, cost effective and are easily available. You do not have to worry about how you will get the best natural methods as we have listed them here.


· Obese people have excess fat around the heart and blood vessels such as arteries. The excess fat clogs blood vessels reducing their diameter. This causes the heart to pump blood at a higher pressure than normal leading to high blood pressure. Excess fat around the heart clogs the heart and reduces its size causing it to pump blood at very high pressure.

· To avoid such a situation you should exercise frequently. However you should not carry out intense exercise at once as this can lead to overworking of the heart. You should also start with moderate exercises such as walking daily for thirty minutes or longer.

· You can measure your waist to know if you are overweight or not.


· You should avoid cholesterol in your diet. If you cannot avoid cholesterol completely you should reduce the amount of cholesterol you consume. Cholesterol clogs blood vessels and the heart causing high blood pressure.

· Your diet should have sufficient amounts of potassium. Potassium reduces the effects of sodium on your blood pressure. The main sources of potassium are fruits and vegetables.

· Reduce junk food as it usually contains excess fat which may increase chances of getting high blood pressure.

· You should always ensure that you eat a well balanced diet. Always ensure that the food you eat consists of different colours. This way you are sure that you are consuming a diet that has all the nutrients required by the body. You should always ensure that you have a fruit in your diet.


· Sodium increases blood pressure leading to high pressure. You should decrease the amount of sodium you take in with your food.

· You should reduce the amount of salt you use to season food. If possible you can use herbs instead of salt to flavour food.

· Always read the label before buying processed foods. This way you are able to know which food contains sodium.


· High amounts of alcohol cause high blood pressure. Heavy drinkers should decrease the amount of alcohol they drink gradually as sudden stopping can cause a shoot in the blood pressure.


· Nicotine in tobacco products causes high blood pressure. You should also avoid smoke that is emitted by tobacco as it also contains nicotine.


· Caffeine is the major ingredient in coffee. Caffeine stimulates the body by increasing the blood pressure. High blood pressure by caffeine is usually temporarily and varies with individuals. People you have a history of high blood pressure should avoid caffeine.


· You can reduce stress by seeking counseling when you have problems.

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