What are EPA and DHA and What’s the Right Ratio When Taking Them


The omega-3 group is composed of different fatty acids. DHA and EPA are two known fatty acids which are very needed by the body but sadly it can’t produce. And most, without their knowing, have no adequate amount of omega-3 fatty acids in their body.

Being short of omega-3 fatty acids is like cheating yourself of the chance to avoid risk of heart attack, lower diabetes, avoid bad cholesterol, improve brain function and more. These benefits have already been under scrutiny in many studies, and they were proven already. First, let us differentiate these two famous fats.

EPA and Its benefits

EPA or the Eicosapentaenoic acid can be ingested in the body through consumption of oily fish such as salmon, sardine and mackerel.

EPA has been found to have various medical benefits. It is also big on its anti-inflammatory properties and benefits. EPA is also known to have a potential benefits to fight against schizophrenia. It is also found out have a benefit in improving patients’ response against chemotherapy since it can adjust the production of the eicosanoids in the body.

Multiple myeloma is one of the cancers that EPA has the probability of reducing. Cellular inflammation in the brain also is controlled when high level f EPA is detected. It works very well against depression, DHA and even reduces the bad symptoms of brain trauma.

DHA and Its Benefits

So how can you benefit from DHA? Although EPA is highly regarded, DHA or the Docosahexaenoic acid has a lot different things that the former can’t do.

DHA can help on the increase of membrane fluidity in the brain that is beneficial for the synaptic vesicles and can better retinal function of the eyes. In short, DHA is a critical part of the fluid portion of the nerves.

DHA helps in the reduction of particles of enlarged LDL reducing the chances of atherosclerotic lesions. Also, it has been found out to have increased the efficacy also of chemotherapy among patients with prostate cancer.

Since it has been noted down as an essential fatty acid, it has been taken as a pregnant mother’s supplement. It helps in improving the visual acuity and even improves attention span of kids.

Aside from all that, it is also found to reduce blood’s triglycerides which in turn reduce the risk of heart disease.

Correct EPA to DHA Ratio

The common ratio between EPA and DHA is often instructed by health experts. 180 milligrams of EPA to 120 milligrams of DHA is good enough. Although this ratio has already been determined, one can’t really have this exact amount of the two since some supplements in fish oil or krill oil are not regulated.

Some journals also reports that 2:1 or 1:2 ratio of EPA to DHA can be equally beneficial since they already work together.

The correct ratio though should be determined by your doctor and your needs and this shouldn’t be your medical basis alone because this isn’t a prescription. So when in doubt today, refrain from taking it first then go see your GP.

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