The Role of a Housekeeper – and how to know if you need one!


If you are seeking some help around your home, then the chances are that you’re currently considering the attributes and benefits of housekeepers, cleaners, and other household roles. Knowing what different members of your household team do and which roles you most need to be filled, will often be dictated by the size of your property, your family dynamic, who lives in your property, and how much time you spend at home dedicated to household chores.

For the most part, housekeeper agencies in London are tasked with identifying individuals who can do more than simply clean the property and keep the rooms clean and tidy. A housekeeper fulfils many roles as part of their day job, with responsibilities ranging from personal tasks relating to family life, to tasks around the home, garden, and living spaces.

In this blog, we explore the responsibilities of a housekeeper in London and how the role differs from other household jobs – before sharing some of the signs that you might need a housekeeper.

What responsibilities does a housekeeper take on?

The benefit of hiring a housekeeper is that the role often covers many different areas of home life, with professional housekeepers used to wearing a variety of different hats.

Alongside the obvious jobs which include, but are not limited to, cleaning and tidying, washing up, laundry, vacuuming, dusting and polishing, and changing beds, housekeepers can also be tasked with roles relating to home life. These could include some select hours of childcare before or after school, facilitating drop-offs and pick-ups, shopping for the family, and other tasks that help you to keep on top of household chores as well as work and maintain your active life.

How does a housekeeper differ from a cleaner?

A housekeeper is, in short, a form of cleaner but with extra responsibilities which elevate the role and make them a more integral part of your household.

Whether you are searching for a live-in housekeeper who becomes a part of your family or want support for a few hours every day, housekeepers combine cleaning tasks with other roles which are more ingrained to family life. Generally, housekeepers sourced by professional agencies are trained in different areas, with many boasting childcare and carer experience as well as domestic roles.

Signs you need a housekeeper

With all that said, how do you know if you need a housekeeper – and how do you separate your desire for a housekeeper from that of a cleaner or nanny?

A housekeeper is recommended for those households and families who need support with a bit of everything. Whether it’s cleaning tasks or childcare support at ad hoc times, a housekeeper is a reliable extension of your family who will get to know both your property and your family unit and be able to offer support and help where and when it’s needed.

Live-in housekeepers take this one step further by offering consistent hours of support, both practical and emotional, for the whole family – while salaried housekeeping staff will work to a set contractual timeline.

For more information on housekeeping and to explore housekeeping services in your area, get in touch with your local agency.

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