A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Mattress


Finding the best mattress that matches your sleep style significantly impacts your sleep quality and overall well-being. With so many options and types, choosing the suitable one with good quality, appropriate size, and affordable cost is difficult. After a hectic day, sleep is the only way to release stress and tiredness, and a suitable mattress eases sleep. But many people overlook choosing a suitable mattress and often go for the cheap one with low quality. This minor negligence causes them many health problems like back pain, neck stiffness, and bad sleep, ultimately making them wake up in a bad mood the next day. Therefore, to help you find the best mattress, we have created a comprehensive guide that will make you buy a comfortable yet affordable mattress that influences sleep quality.

A Comprehensive Guide to Finding the Best Mattress

To choose the right mattress, you must consider several factors and your sleep habits. These factors help you to distinguish between the ones which have qualities according to your preferences and those which do not. Consider your body type, health issues and level of comfort you need, durability, and cost while choosing the new mattress for yourself. You can check the best options at mattress firms according to your preferences.

Consider your Sleep Position



Although most people keep rotating sides while sleeping, one must still be their favorite position in which they lay down when going to sleep. That is your initial position for sleep.

Side Sleepers – This is the most preferred sleep position and is generally recommended by doctors. Side sleepers should look for soft to medium-firmness mattresses. This helps to relieve pressure points like the shoulder and spine and keeps them firm and straight. Too firm or too hard mattresses should be avoided as they may cause shoulder problems.

Back Sleepers – A medium firm mattress that provides a balance of support to the person is preferred for back sleepers. Find a mattress that can support the natural curvature of your spine to avoid back pain. Avoid buying too soft a mattress if it can disrupt the alignment of the spine and neck and cause major back issues.

Stomach Sleepers – A firm mattress is best suitable for stomach sleepers to avoid excessive sinkage of pressure points. Firm mattresses give proper alignment to the spine and reduce the chances of neck bumps.

Combination sleepers – If you switch between different positions frequently, then a medium-firm mattress can be a suitable option. It can support all positions and offers a balance of support and comfort.

Access Your Body Type

Accessing your body type and choosing the mattress provides comfort and support.

Lightweight – If your body weight is less than 130 pounds, then you may consider a soft mattress that can provide you with great comfort. Check if the mattress has responsive foam that can provide adequate support and proper alignment. If you buy a firm mattress, your body won’t feel relaxed, and you will feel pressure on your joints.

Average weight – If you have a body weight between 130-230 pounds, then you can choose a medium-to-medium firm mattress according to your preference and sleep position. The medium firm mattress provides enough support and required comfort for everybody weight between this range.

Heavyweight – If you weigh more than 220 pounds, then you have to choose a mattress with enhanced support, durability, and premium quality. Look for a mattress with thicker layers to provide needed comfort and firm support to reduce pressure. Choosing a soft mattress can cause excessive sinking in the bed, which causes back pain by disrupting spine alignment.

Check specific Health Conditions

It’s essential to consider your health problems before choosing the right mattress. Some health problems can get worse if your mattress doesn’t suit them.

Back Pain or Neck pain – For back and neck pain, choose a medium-firm mattress that can properly align and support your spine, especially in the lumbar region. It should relieve pressure and provide enough comfort to your back and neck. A discomforting mattress is a big reason for increasing back problems, even in teenagers nowadays.

Allergies – If you have any type of allergies, consider hypoallergenic mattresses that can protect you from allergens like dust particles, etc. Ask the salesperson to show the mattress with CertiPUR-US® or Oeko-Tex® certifications, as they are free from chemicals and allergens.

Hot Sleepers – A cooling mattress is best for people who tend to sleep hot and experience high sweat while sleeping. Mattress with inbuilt gel memory foam and copper gel is excellent for preventing overheating by releasing heat. Getting the cooling covers can give an instant cooling effect and better sleep. Breathable covers promote airflow, which ultimately helps hot sleepers to breathe better and keep the mattress cool.

Mattress Size

Check the mattress size and dimensions and determine which matches your requirements. Basically, the size of the mattress should be equal to the size of your bed, which depends on the number of people sleeping on the bed. Most people generally prefer Queen size, but some may prefer king-sized mattresses if their room is big and has enough free space.

Twin – A twin mattress is the smallest standard size and is suitable for single sleepers.

Twin XL – It is slightly longer than twin mattresses and is suitable for tall plus single sleepers.

Full/Double mattress – It is wider than the above two and has extra space than twin sizes. It’s suitable for couples who don’t need much space or single people who prefer space in both sizes.

Queen size– The most preferred one for couples and two people who require enough space to sleep. A typical family can consider 2 queen-size mattresses for themselves and their children’s room.

King Sized – It is the largest mattress specifically designed for people requiring more sleep space. Families with young kids prefer it as it provides enough space for them to sleep comfortably.

California King is almost similar to king-sized but slightly longer than king-sized; therefore, it is suitable for taller people who need more legroom.


Finding the right mattress that is worth your money and provides better sleep quality is necessary. Most people check the price, durability, customer service, etc., but they may forget to check which one suits their sleeping position and body. The above guide has clarified this matter and can help you to select the right one according to your needs and preferences. Try not to go for low-price mattresses by compromising quality and your preferences, as better sleep can give you better health and a positive mood as soon as you wake up.

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