Charlotte Jane, Who Is Tony Hinchcliffe Girlfriend? The Married Life Of A Comedian And Gay Rumours


    In the entertainment sector since 2007, Tony Hinchcliffe has become a famous American comedian. In addition, he has contributed to the scripts of Comedy Central Roast episodes. An insult comic, Hinchcliffe was himself previously the subject of controversy after a video of him slammed Peng Dang went viral.

    On top of that, Hinchcliffe fronts the Kill Tony comedy podcast. The 38-year-old comic is also well-known for his 2016 Netflix stand-up special, One Shot, which ran for an hour. Additionally, Hinchcliffe’s scathing wit and lightning-fast fists have shot him to fame. In addition to that, tony hinchcliffe girlfriend has also garnered attention.

    Do You Know Charlotte Jane? Get to Know tony hinchcliffe girlfriend

    Bob Jane, an Australian racer, and Laree Jane, his wife, are parents to Charlotte Jane. Rodney Jane and Karen Jane were Charlotte’s siblings. In addition, Robert Jane and Courtney Jane are her half-siblings.

    The untimely demise of Bob occurred on September 28, 2019, causing great sorrow to the Jane family. Bob, who was 88 years old when he died, had prostate cancer. Plus, Charlotte is a successful entrepreneur. She uses Depop to sell apparel. In addition, she was one of the models for the cover girl of Maxim magazine, so it seems like modelling is something she’s interested in.

    On Instagram, she goes by the handle @charlottebabyjane. Though she has kept her account private, she has amassed over 28,400 followers. The fact that Charlotte was married to comedian Tony Hinchcliffe made her stand out.

    Is the Marriage Between Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane Still Going Strong?

    When Tony Hinchcliffe, a comedian, announced his 2015 marriage, the details surrounding his marriage to Charlotte Jane quickly became public knowledge. People on the comedy set didn’t take his marriage announcement seriously and assumed he was joking. The news of Hinchcliffe’s marriage to Charlotte was publicised once more in 2017.

    Additionally, they posted an Instagram selfie of themselves wearing an engagement ring. People assumed they were engaged and planned to tie the knot because of that photo. The audience was similarly unconvinced this time around. Hinchcliffe made several appearances the following year in which he identified Charlotte as his wife. When he made the announcement, he clarified that the news was real and not only a rumour.

    During the engagement announcement, Tony Hinchcliffe and Charlotte Jane (Instagram source)

    Nevertheless, nothing is known about their marriage because Hinchcliffe has refrained from publicly discussing it with the media. People began to suspect they were no longer together when they were later seen without the engagement ring. No one can say for sure if they are still dating because they haven’t been very forthcoming with each other.

    What about Tony Hinchcliffe? Is he gay? Speculation about relationships and sexuality

    Yes, Tony Hinchcliffe is straight. He identifies as homosexual. But because of his charm and wit, he was previously thought to be gay. “Hot chicks treat me like I’m a gay guy,” he tweeted once. I get the royal treatment from gay men.

    Therefore, he is obviously straight and not gay. Contrarily, Joanna Jedrzejczyk, an FC fighter, was allegedly involved with Hinchcliffe at one point. Tony has gushed about Joanna’s beauty on numerous occasions. People began to wonder if the UFC fighter and Tony had an affair after the fighter uploaded a selfie of the two of them together on January 20, 2016. The fact that Joanna is succeeding in her own life, nevertheless, renders such claims unfounded.

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