Singer Beabadoobee Reveals About Her Personal Life And Past Relationships

    beabadoobee boyfriend

    Beatrice Kristi Ilejay Laus, better known as beabadoobee, is a well-known singer and songwriter who has been working in the music business since 2017. Her songs, like “Lice,” “Patched Up,” and “Loveworm,” have made her very popular.

    Public interest in the 22-year-old musician is high not only because of her impressive career achievements but also because of her interesting personal life, especially her relationships. Here’s everything you need to know about her beabadoobee boyfriend and present relationships.

    In 2023, who is beabadoobee seeing?

    The Wikipedia page for beabadoobee says that she is dating her boyfriend as of 2023. The name of her boyfriend right now is Jacob Erland. There aren’t many details about how long they’ve been together because the singer has chosen to keep the information private.

    Just so you know, Jacob works as a head of photography in London. He has an Instagram account with the name @jakerland and more than 10,800 people who follow him. He’s also been there for his girlfriend, and beabadoobee has talked about him in some of her Instagram posts.

    And we can see beabadoobee in some of Jacob’s Instagram posts as well. We think that things are going well between beabadoobee and her boyfriend Jacob behind closed doors.

    Before, who did beabadoobee date? Taking a Look at Her The Past

    The friendship between beabadoobee and British film director Soren Harrison brought her more attention. Before they broke up, they were dating when beabadoobee was only 15 years old. Soren was the singer’s most well-known boyfriend.

    However, they both liked to stay out of the spotlight and didn’t talk much about their love lives. For your knowledge, Soren is well-known for the movies Me & You Together Song, Måneskin: Supermodel, and Blindspot, all of which came out in 1975.

    There are online sites that say beabadoobee and Soren were together for about seven years. It was thought that they broke up in June 2022. In the news, they were said to be breaking up because they stopped following each other on social media. Someone else on Reddit also started a thread saying that the breakup might have been caused by an open relationship that only involved one person.

    That being said, they have both kept quiet and not talked about why they broke up. But beabadoobee did talk about her split in an interview with Variety.

    The singer Beabadoobee talks about her breakup.

    Variety talked to beabadoobee in July 2022, and she talked about breakups, shrooms, and the World of Beatopia. She talked about the hard things she went through when she was young.

    She was also going to move out of her parents’ house and do a show in a different country almost every month after that. After reading that conversation, we can say that she has been regularly reaching important life goals or milestones. She also moved on after her first breakup. Rolling Stone said that she saw herself as gay.

    Even though it was hard for beabadoobee , breaking up with her long-term boyfriend has helped her learn more about herself and her life. After that, she said that the split had changed her and helped her become a better person.

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