After Her Husband Requested A Divorce, Brandi Worley killed Her Two Children

    brandi worley

    On November 17, 2016, one day after her husband Jason Worley asked for a divorce, brandi worley brutally killed her two children, Tyler and Charlee, in the family home. Jason was sleeping in the basement while Brandi repeatedly stabbed their children in the neck and then stabbed herself.

    Worley called 911 and said, “I just stabbed myself and killed my two kids.” After Brandi called her, Brandy’s mother showed up. Jason was sleeping in the basement when the children’s grandmother started screaming. “Now you can’t take the kids away from me,” Brandi said to Jason without showing any feeling.


    The marriage of Jason and brandi worley had been rocky for a while. For the sake of their kids, the pair chose not to split up.
    In the end, Jason found out that Brandi had been cheating on him with their neighbor, and that was the last blow for him. Jason and Brandi got a divorce after he posted on Reddit about how his wife’s cheating broke his heart. Many people on Reddit told him to get a divorce.

    Brandi couldn’t stand to think that her husband would leave her. She took Charlee to dance practice in the morning and came home in the evening. When she saw Jason, she told him she needed to buy pipe cleaners. Instead, she went to the store and bought a sharp battle knife.

    After Jason and the kids went to sleep, she went home. Brandi ran upstairs and stabbed Charlee and Tyler in the necks, killing both of them. Then she turned the knife on herself, but she didn’t have enough strength to kill herself.

    brandi worleybrandi worley

    Then Brandi called 911 and said something very scary.
    Then Brandi called her mother, who came right over to the Worley house. Only when Brandi’s mother started screaming did Jason, who was sleeping downstairs, realize that something very bad had happened. Brandi told Jason in a cool voice, “You can’t take the kids away from me.”

    Officials and first responders ran to the scene and found the two dead children. The bodies were found wrapped in blankets in Charlee’s bedroom, next to a bloody battle knife. Brandi was sitting quietly in the living room with a cut on her neck from a knife.

    Brandi told the emergency workers that she wanted to die with her kids by her side. She was taken to a hospital nearby, where she finally got better and was sent home.


    After his wifebrandi worley killed their children in a brutal way, the town of Darlington came together to help Jason and his family. There was a funeral at the Darlington Community Center. To help pay for it, the community raised $50,000 on a GoFundMe page.

    The Green-lawn Cemetery in Darlington is where Tyler and Charlee Worley were laid to rest.

    SENTENCING BY brandi worley

    brandi worley was taken to the Montgomery County Prison and charged with two counts of murder after being released from the hospital. In an effort to use insanity as a defense, Brandi first entered a plea of not guilty to the murder charges. She was instructed to go through a mental assessment and come back the following year for a hearing on her competency.

    Prior to the hearing, Brandi decided to alter her mind and admit to the killings. At her sentence, she was given the chance to speak, but she declined.

    brandi worley  has not expressed any remorse for killing her children. She has been emotionless since being given a depression diagnosis.

    brandi worley was given a 120-year prison sentence by Judge Harry Siamas. He said it was very unusual for a mother to kill her own child and that everyone was looking for an explanation for the senseless killings of children. “There is no explanation sometimes,” he said. Darkness permeates the entire world and seeps into our hearts and minds.

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