Has The Health Care Industry Risen Or Fallen Since COVID?

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Despite the Health Care Industry changing rapidly in the last few years, there have been several challenges that 2020 has presented to the industry as a whole. But has the Covid-19 pandemic strengthen the health care industry or has it weakened it by showcasing a number of different problem areas across the board? In this article, we will be providing you with insight into how we feel that the industry may have been affected.

Challenges Present By Covid-19 

As a result of Covid-19, there have been several challenges that have been brought to light. Not only has there been increased pressure on the NHS due to hospital admissions, but there have also been several challenges such as national lockdowns that have been implemented in order to prevent the NHS from becoming overwhelmed at this time of increased uncertainty. These challenges however have helped to strengthen the NHS over time. 

Improved Technology Around The Healthcare Sector 

In addition to the challenges that have strengthened the healthcare sector, there have also been a number of improved technological advancements in terms of manufacturing and the supply chain that has seen the NHS and the healthcare system strengthened. Though there has been a huge amount of challenges that have put increased strain on some parts of the healthcare system, increased technology has helped to improve manufacturing as a whole. This is a trend that is set to improve as the years go on as more healthcare investment and government funding is continuing to be placed into finding vaccines and expanding other elements of the healthcare systems.

Increased Number Of Hospitals 

Those there has been a vast number of medical challenges, there have also been some positives in the form of an increased number of hospitals. With many Nightingale hospitals being implemented around the hospital, this has had a huge impact on the medical field as it has enabled the treatment of those with Covid-19 to be done in a secure location. This has enabled other services to be used as normal and has enabled the fight against Covid-19 to continue. This has strengthened the NHS as it has created several job opportunities for many in the near future. 

Spending Is Increased To Meet Demand

As the need for a vaccine and Covid secure workplaces continues to expand there has been a vast amount of spending put into the NHS and the services that they can provide. Whilst this increased spending may not have come in the best circumstances, this has helped to strengthen the existing service as well as provide encouragement to those that are looking to begin training in nursing and even those that are looking to train as a doctor in the near future to strengthen the service and meet the increased supply and demand. 

With this in mind, there are several elements that of the pandemic that has strengthened the healthcare system whilst highlighting some of the issues that there have been lying dormant for a while now.

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