Tips For Hiring The Right Bouncy Castle For Children’s Party


The bouncy castle is nothing new in the market; it is there for the kids and the children from a long time and kids get super excited when they see these castles at any party or event which are arranged for them. It is one of the most beautiful surprises for any kid on his or her birthday party and not only for the birthday kid but also the invitee’s kids get overexcited. The most important fact about these bouncy castles is they can be used all the year round and you need obviously an open big space to place these huge bouncy toys for the kids. Though there are these castles available for the indoor use as well mostly the kids like them to be in open.

You can do bouncy castle hire from Ellis leisure in the UK but there are few things you need to keep in mind while hiring these castles. In the age of internet, the first thing you need to do is to find the top ranking companies in your area who rent these castles and once you have a list of such 3-4 companies try contacting them over the phone and discuss about the price and the charges and the process of fixing the castle and all. Ask them about the different types of castles available and before approaching them, make sure, that you have done your homework at home on these castles. You while talking with the castle rent company make sure that you understand about the product and know what are the market rates for hiring so that they cannot cheat you or misinterpret anything to you.

Next thing you need to take care is that you need to book this castle beforehand to avoid any extra charges and last minute hassle. There are various places where you can get bouncy castle hire from Ellis leisure you just need to know those names and visit or call at least few days prior to the event. You need to make sure that the place where from you are taking the bouncy castle on hire is trustworthy and at the last moment, there won’t be any problem.

Then you need to know how old is the castle you need to hire or one should rent out. In any case, the life of the castle must not be more than 4 years otherwise they may create problems. So make sure you know the details about the manufacturing of the castle as well. The place of manufacturing also matters as that indicates the quality of the product. You need to find the bouncy castles which are manufactured in the UK only.

Finally, you need to know whether these castles are made according to the measures provided by manufacturing authorities. There are certain tags and certificates which these castles must have.

Therefore, whenever you want to go for bouncy castle hire from Ellis leisure, make sure you know these factors very carefully so that you get the best castle for the kids

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