The Story Behind Elfin Kitchens

Elfin Kitchens

Elfin Kitchens is the culmination of a big idea to build something small – taking the concept of a micro-kitchen and turning it into a versatile solution which can be used in student accommodation, holiday homes, small apartments, and more.

Prior to the founding of Elfin Kitchens, the idea of a small kitchen was something that filled us (and those we knew) with a sense of dread. Considered by many to be the heart of the home, the very idea of a small kitchen has always been somewhat of a turn-off in modern homes – until now. 

Elfin Kitchens makes mini kitchens not only an enticing option but a versatile and functional solution for a compact home. With everything you could need integrated into a compact unit, featuring smart storage solutions and built-in appliances, not only are our kitchen units small but they are mighty – and can be tailored to suit your space and specific needs.

Here’s our story and why Elfin Kitchens is one of the top UK solutions for compact kitchens today. 

The Founding Of Elfin Kitchens

Elfin Kitchens has been a central hub of compact kitchen design in the UK since 2006, headquartered in Colchester though our footprint is global and taps into the skills and manufacturing expertise of companies based around the world. Manufactured by our German partners Stengel GmbH, each Elfin kitchen unit which we produce for and supply to our clients is finished to the highest possible standard and combines the complex requirements of the client with our commitment to exceptional finishes. 

With that said, how are Elfin Kitchens used and why do our clients love them so much?

How Elfin Kitchens Are Used By Clients Across The UK

We’ve already touched on how versatile the Elfin Kitchen units are, combining the space-efficient design and structure with all the necessary appliances to maximise the user experience. Since founding Elfin Kitchens, one of the things we have been exceptionally proud to see is how our kitchens are used – with clients increasingly surprising us with kitchen units designed for outside spaces, holiday homes, caravan units, student halls of residence, and so much more. 

From personal use to commercial kitchen spaces, compact kitchens aren’t just for small spaces anymore – they are great for injecting some extra facilities into unexpected areas, and for enhancing the usability of a commercial or communal space with ease and incredible efficiency. 

The addition of a coloured splashback which fits your interior design scheme is just one of the ways that we can marry your Elfin Kitchen with your existing space – with the Elfin team working directly with clients to create cohesive, design-centric spaces no matter the setting or size.

Elfin Kitchens For Every Setting 

If you’re interested in a compact, versatile, and incredibly functional standalone kitchen unit, which combines access to important appliances with a minimalist and simple design outline, Elfin Kitchens has the solution for you.

Join our growing list of happy clients and customers and let us bring the convenience of a pint-sized kitchen to your home.

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