What Are the Benefits of a Duplex Home Design?

Duplex Home Design
What Are the Benefits of a Duplex Home Design

When building a property, several different options are available to you that you can take advantage of to make the ideal home. One of the options is a duplex design, which has become more and more popular in recent years for several different reasons. This article is going to talk in more detail about the main benefits of a duplex design, as well as what it means and how you can build one. 


What Is a Duplex Home? 

A duplex home is a residential building that consists of different floors. There tends to be one dining room and one kitchen, but then with two separate living units. Both of these living units connect to the shared kitchen and dining room via different doors and a common central wall. Despite there being two floors and two different living areas in a duplex home, the houses are usually sold as one and owned by an individual. This means that if someone is renting out the property, or they plan on having people over to stay, people have their own element of privacy brought on by their own living area, and it is just the kitchen area that’s shared. Dual occupancy home designs are becoming more and more popular at the moment and some of the main benefits that are leading to this increase in popularity include: 


Two Homes on One Property 

By essentially having two homes on one property, you either improve your chances for revenue or for a simpler way of life. If you are looking at renting out the whole property, you will be able to get more rent than if you didn’t have a duplex design. Similarly, if you intend on living there, you have a separate home that you can either rent or use as a holiday home for others. If you have your property listed as a holiday home (on Airbnb for example) for so many days of the year, then this can come with significant tax benefits


You Have a Choice Over Your Neighbours 

A lot of the time, people love the house that they’re in and one of the only major issues they have is that they simply do not get along with their neighbours. It sounds petty but not liking your neighbours can have a real impact on your overall mental health and the general attitude towards your property as well. As such, if you design a duplex home, then you know you are only going to have one neighbour and you can have control over who that neighbour is, so this isn’t going to be a factor moving forward in your new home. 


Is Duplex Right for You? 

Given the increased popularity of duplex homes, they are a major talking point when people start to build their own house. As such, if you are building a home, then you should consider the above benefits and think about whether this seems like a good option for you.

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