Everything You Must To Know About CCTV Drain Surveys


The CCTV drain survey can be defined as the process of examining your drainage system. These surveys help to understand the conditions of your drains remotely through a video-recording camera. It captures all the useful data that might have caused drainage issues. Through the CCTV drain survey system, the service providers can survey the area fully and locate the place where the blockage or any other issues have occurred, for its swift and easy removal.

What Are The Potential Problems?

Your property’s drainage system does a lot of work, and hence issues might arise in case they have not been properly maintained or cleaned on a regular basis. Deposits can cause clogged drains and affect the whole drainage system of your property. Depending on the nature of the deposits, you can either use high-pressure water or heavy-duty electro-mechanical machining to clear off everything.

But sometimes, the causes behind drainage issues are more extensive- like a collapsed drain. In those cases, CCTV surveys help to get a detailed report. They would take pictures of the exact issues, live from the site, which would help you to plan out the repairs properly.

What Is The Technology Used In CCTV Drain Surveys?

CCTV drain surveys London companies use some of the latest surveying technology to carry out the whole operation. No matter how bent your drainage system is, the surveillance system will be able to take live photos and videos to understand the drainage conditions. They also have crawler units, which help to understand the conditions of large diameter pipes. In case of large structural damages, these companies also assist you to decide on the most effective and affordable repair plans.

What About Repairs?

Depending on the nature of the issues, some CCTV drain surveys London companies also help you to formulate the right repair plans. From the conventional excavation to point patch repairs, they can suggest everything that would help your drainage system to get back to its best condition. Sometimes water flow issues can be caused by tree root infiltration, the solution to this issue is chopping the roots and lining the drain in such a way that no such issues might occur in the future. But to do all these things, the first thing that you would require is the detailed drainage report by the concerned company.

The best CCTV drain surveying company uses the latest survey technologies for assessing the drains. From tight toilet pans to trapped gullies- they can do surveillance everywhere and help you find the root cause of the issues. As the cameras are inserted in the drains, the companies get live feedback of the areas which help their drain engineers to get a good view and identify the potential issues. It is the most effective way of getting accurate reports about your property’s drainage conditions.

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