What Does Your Office Seating Say About You?


Office chairs serve a crucial practical purpose, but beyond this they make an important style statement. With this in mind, have you ever considered what your choice of workplace seating says about you and your company? Keep reading for some insights into what popular chair designs reveal about their owners.

A dominant force

In its recent infographic ‘My chair: get the celebrity look in your office’, specialist retailer www.furniture-work.co.uk suggested that leather chairs are ideal for strong characters who like to make a statement. These classical designs, which have a formal and sometimes imposing appearance, can be used to assert dominance within a workplace. This is one of the reasons why they’re a popular choice in managers’ offices and boardrooms, where it’s all about projecting an image of authority and control.

Keen to stand out

Colour can be used to dramatic effect when it comes to office chairs, and seating in striking hues such as lime green, pink, orange and purple is popular among individuals and businesses who are bold, dynamic, assertive and direct. People who opt for seating in such eye-catching hues tend to like to be the centre of attention. Colourful chairs are also a hit among those who are keen to project a playful, modern and forward-looking image.

Under the radar

Understated seating styles, such as simple operator chairs finished in muted tones like grey and cream, are often favoured by people who shun the limelight and prefer to be left alone to get on with their tasks in peace. These chairs can be the perfect choice for no-nonsense people and firms who like to be judged on merit and measured by their results.

Getting the basics right

Whichever style of chair you prefer, and regardless of what this says about you or your business, it’s vital that your seating solutions meet all of your practical requirements. For example, they should offer good support for your back, particularly your lower back, and feature plenty of cushioning to help keep you comfortable throughout the day. Ideally, they should also be height adjustable and have a back tilt function to enable you to achieve the perfect sitting position. You might also want to look out for models that come with integrated armrests, as well as castors so you can move them around your workplace with ease.


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