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Are you interested in joining the Joinpd community? Do you have any questions regarding Joinpd? We’re here to guide you through the Joinpd experience. To learn more, read on.

Let’s first have some understanding of Joinpd. It is also known as Pear Deck, and it is a technology made specifically for teachers that enables them to turn their lectures or presentations into interactive resources for students. This is parent-friendly and gained popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was extremely helpful for both students and teachers when they made the switch to online learning.’s Purposes

Presentations are the major application of Joinpd. Users can get guidance from a number of templates. Multiple choice questions (MCQs), text-based prompts, and even infographics are examples of these.

These presentations are frequently beneficial to the pupils because they are made to be interesting. When used for tests, it also enables direct engagement through the use of questions. Additionally, Joinpdis learner-friendly since it supports various learning methods by giving users access to a variety of resources.

In addition to these features, students have the option of offering anonymous comments. Additionally, they have the option to add slides to the presentation, which gives them more freedom to be imaginative. The ‘Flashcard Factory’ feature, which helps kids’ vocabulary, is an additional intriguing element.

How should I utilize Joinpd?

For teachers and students to create presentations, Joinpd was created. There are now pre-made templates available for this. So, either Google Slides or PowerPoint can be used to create the presentation. However, both require the Joinpd required add-on.

Use of Joinpd: Steps

  1. Joinpdaccount login is required.
  2. ‘Create a Presentation’ should be chosen.


  1. ‘Add-ons’ can be found by going to Google Slides.
  2. Install the Pear Deck add-on by selecting “Get add-on” from the list of alternatives.
  3. ‘Open Pear Deck Add-on’ should be clicked.

You can view the Joinpd preset templates by following the steps above. You can even include MCQs or draggable questions. These presentations can be created from scratch or using templates.

How do I access Joinpd?

Students need an access code to view Joinpd sessions because they are made private. A join link or a code that the teacher supplies can be used to do this. The student simply has to have a Microsoft Office 365 or a Google account.

The use of a Join Code

  1. Visit now.
  2. Enter the five-digit code that your teacher gave you.
  3. Await the screen to load with your session.

the Join Link

  1. For the session, you will get an email.
  2. Select the Join Link provided.
  3. Your browser will launch, and the Pear Deck session will load. This will transform you into a student, enabling you to interact and watch the lecture while also viewing questions.

How may a join code be created?

It’s important to understand that you must first build a presentation if you’re a teacher and wish to establish a Join Code. Once your presentation is over, Joinpd will generate a Join Code. Anyone, including your pupils, can access your presentation with the use of this code.

Creating a Join Code: Steps

  • Register for a Joinpd account or sign in with an existing one.
  • present your ideas. Select the ‘Present with Pear Deck’ option.
  • You will receive your 5-digit Join Code, which you can provide to anyone.

The use of Joinpd is now complete. Students and teachers can communicate on the interactive platform known as Joinpd. It is crucial to both teaching and learning. Its accessibility is one of its best qualities. Additionally, a game called Blooket exists and is comparable to Joinpd. Teachers can design engaging quizzes on Play Blooket and give students a Play Blooket Code so they can play the game.

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