Creating A More Impressive Online CV


The days of a simple paper writing resumes containing details about your work experience, education and whether or not you enjoy watching sports or reading about sparkly vampires are long gone. In their place has come a whole range of online accessories to act as career bling, and the more effectively you accessorise with your CV, the more appealing you are going to be.

To take the fashion metaphor (quite unnecessarily) further, it is also important not to accessorise too much, as overdoing it will often make an individual look far less appealing than underselling oneself will, and being too zealous in creating a multimedia CV will be the ill-judged orange fake tan before a demure evening soiree.

Therefore, the multimedia extras you create need to be succinct and relevant and, as such, keeping it simple with electronic copies of important documentation and short, interesting video CVs will almost certainly be the best approach.

When it comes to choosing what documentation to include and what to say when you record any videos, always look online for examples relevant to your industry to help you decide what employers will really be interested in and what will merely become white noise.

Finally, it is worth remembering that what you put on paper is as relevant as ever, and such multimedia extras should not serve to replace a CV, but instead to bolster it. As such, think of your video resume as a covering letter, and be sure you are dressed and act as you would (or at least should) in an interview itself.

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