Planning A Trip To The Windermere


For those who love spending their free time in and amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery in the UK, a visit to Lake Windermere has to be top of the list of places to see. In the heart of the world-renowned Lake District and offering some amazing experiences, the town of Windermere has it all. This article will offer some proven suggestions on where to stay and how to make sure that your trip is of the highest quality. So if you were looking for a place to take your friends and family this year or the next, please spend a few minutes to digest this content.

Know Your Destination


Windermere town is located in the center of the Lake District and as such it offers incredibly easy access to Lake Windermere as well as the other beautiful lakes. Just 1 mile away from Lake Windermere, you can easily walk to this beauty spot if you decide to stay in the town itself. Once on the lake, you can choose from the myriad of cruises that are accessible from the shores or simply walk around the area drinking in the beauty with your eyes. Southern Windermere is probably the most breathtaking part of the lake and with good reason. On a sunny day, you could be forgiven for thinking that you are somewhere in Southern Europe, it really is that amazing! The cruises themselves are not expensive and the experience is well worth the small investment. Tourists have flocked to the shores of Lake Windermere since the Victorian era and they continue to do so in their thousands.

Travel Arrangements

Getting to Windermere is fairly easy from all over the UK, whether you choose a car, train or bus, you can find a route that will be convenient and inexpensive. Use the West Coast mainline train line to get here from the North and Scotland. You can also use the direct train from Manchester with local trains connecting it with the nearby towns of Kendal and other nearby places. Surrounding villages that include Ambleside and Coniston are all connected nicely with local bus services and you can take the X4/5 to get to Penrith. Use the M6 if coming by car and this is connected via the M5 and M1 allowing access from all parts of the UK.

Windermere Accommodation


If you prefer to use luxury accommodations Windermere, there are plenty of lovely hotels to choose from that will not charge you too much. Many families prefer to stay on the plentiful bed and breakfast accommodation that are dotted around the village and lake itself. We’d recommend shopping around on comparison sites to get the best deal as always. No matter where you decide to stay, so long as the weather is on your side, we promise that your stay at Windermere will be the first of many.

So there you have it, planning a trip to Windermere should certainly be the very next thing when you decide to take friends and family on a holiday that will never be forgotten.

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