Places You Can’t Miss In Philippines


Philippines is an island on the south eastern Asian continent with proxy to a long coastline with beautiful sandy beaches and many fascinating natural features of flora and fauna that tempt many tourists to the country. This amazing tourist sites include:-

1. Tubbataha Reef 

• This is a marine sanctuary in the Sulu Sea that has coral walls, making it a popular diving site there is a variety of sea wildlife here you can watch live sea turtles and different types of fishes underwater.

• It has two atolls with a deep channel in between them and it is the most popular diving site in Philippines when diving you have coast guards on standby ready to offer rescue services and respond to any emergency calls no need to panic you are guaranteed safety and comfort.

2. San Agustin Church 

• This is a great ancient church that was built in 1589.

• It is the oldest church after having overcome seven earthquakes and two epic fires this is an amazing historical site to pay a visit to due to the many myths surrounding its existence from the time it was built.

3. The Mayon Volcano 

• This volcano is known for its cone shape and is the most active volcano in Philippines with a height of 8000 feet, tourists flock in to see the splashed layers of volcanic lava beneath its slopes, it’s a good site for photography.

• Tourists enjoy numerous fantastic activities such as camping, mountain climbing, photography and picnicking.

4. Malapascua Island 

• It is an island known for its ideal diving spots and a marine life viewing.

• It is the only place it the world where thresher sharks are spotted, when diving you have the golden opportunity to see live sharks, sea lions, turtles and many different types of fishes under water.

• Moreover, there are attractive sandy white beaches and beautiful coral gardens that provide ample relaxation environment.

5. Puerto Galera 

• Puerto Galera is a coastal town preferred for its beautiful beaches, great diving spots and presence of many different marine species this is a good place for a honeymoon there are good hotels and marine life to see .

6. The Puerto Princessa Underground River 

• This is a beautiful town located on unique Palawan Island its natives are friendly and well coming here you will be welcomed to the tunes of natural beauty and marine life.

• It lays a unique earthly feature of an underground river, River Puerto Princessa Subterranean.

7. Donsol 

• This is beautiful scenery with waterfalls, lots of caves and is the major point in Philippines to see whale sharks.

• Boat cruising along the Donsol River through the mangrove and palm trees is fascinating.

• Tourists also enjoy the site of many sparkling fireflies at night while camping and picnicking.

8. Chocolate Hills 

• This is a unique feature of more than 1000 mounds scattered all over Bohol Island.

• The features vary from 98 up to 164 feet high.

• Tarsier, the world’s smallest primates are located on this island that draws many tourists craving to see them and understand their livelihoods here you can give this small animals food stuffs like bananas, fruits and even biscuits.

9. Boracay 

• This is a small island with numerous adventures such as cliff diving, motorbike riding, horse riding, scuba diving and many more that is located north of Panay in Philippines.

• Here tourists have the opportune to watch stunning sunsets and tour over the volcanic caves getting the ideal experience of the Philippines natural beauty.

10. Banaue Rice Terraces 

• These are must see terraces carved from the mountain ranges by use of ancient tools by the Ifugao communities.

• They resemble giant steps aiming for the sky.

In Conclusion 

Most of these sites are enticing, and quite amazing they create an ideal moment of leisure and travelling for tourists and the natives giving them the relaxation they pay for. The surrounding regions have got many refreshing and plenty of accommodation places including food bars and restaurants. Tourists wishing to travel to the numerous sites via ESTA have to fill in an application form online and book their reservation and travel tickets into the Philippines. This form has all the biographic information of the tourist and must be filled and forwarded any time before the travel.

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