Scuba Diving In Kauai Hawaii


Kauai is located in the Pacific and it is a beautiful island that approximately 100,000 people call home.  It is also a place that visitors fully enjoy but not as crowded as many of the other Hawaii islands. There is a vast number of things to do and see in Kauai and spectacular experiences await each person that visits.  Since it is the fourth largest island in the state of Hawaii, that bodes well for people that wish to scuba dive and enjoy the fascinating and breathtaking aspects of the waters. With less crowds to deal with scuba diving enthusiasts will find that they can take part in their sport whenever they desire to without fighting long lines or crowds.  

Why Scuba Diving In Kauai Is So Wonderful?

When people scuba dive, they utilize the assistance of specialized gear that allows them to remain underwater for long periods of time to enjoy the fantastic water scenery.  Thrilling and filled with adventure, scuba diving Kauai is special and enjoyable for those that love nature at its finest.  Perhaps this area is known for the exceptional experience, not only for the adventure but for the exceptional way that people are treated while they are taking part in this water activity.  

Getting A Qualified Instructor

For people that are learning how to scuba dive, they will need to find a qualified instructor so that they will be able to take part in this fantastic water sport.  The National Association of Underwater Instructors or The Professional Association of Diving Instructors have the information that people need in order acquire the instructions and training that will allow them to go underwater and take part in scuba diving.  

Diver Certification Is Necessary

When you want to scuba dive in Kauai, you will first need to be certified.  You can acquire your certification while you are in Kawai or you can transfer it from another area.  In any event, you will need the certification to participate in open dives while you are in the area.  

The Equipment That You Will Need

In most cases, you will be able to rent the necessary equipment from the same place that you get your certification from.  If purchasing the equipment, a potential scuba outfit will cost well over $1,000. It makes sense to rent versus purchasing it and you will be given everything that you need to take part in this water sport.  The equipment includes:

  1. Snorkel – A snorkel is necessary for people to have while scuba diving for breathing purposes.  The information that they need will be given when they are instructed for its use.  
  1. Masks – The mask is put in place to cover the eyes while scuba diving.  They can see all the glorious aspects of the underwater life of the Pacific Ocean in the Kawai area. 
  1. Fins – Scuba divers will need to don fins so that they can use them to move about.  They are attached to their feet and can give them much leverage while they are enjoying the waters.  
  1. Exposure Suit – An exposure is necessary to protect the body in the waters.  It keeps the body insulated from the cold.
  1. Tanks – The tanks hold the oxygen.  This allows the person to have the air quantity that is needed while they are underwater.  
  1. Regulator, Weights, And Buoyancy Compensators are also necessary.  They assist the diver when under the water.

People are extremely happy when they take part in scuba diving in Kauai.  Not only do they get to see nature up close under the water, but the experience is etched deep in their memories.  Since people love scuba diving in Kauai, they usually return again and again, in order to enjoy all that it offers.

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