Tom Jones’s Youngest Son Jonathan Berkery Personal Life

jonathan berkery

Even though musician Tom Jones was married to one wife from 1957 until she died of lung cancer in 2016, he had several high-profile affairs during the height of his fame. One of these affairs led to the birth of his son, jonathan berkery. Tom said for a long time that he wasn’t the boy’s father. How do they get along as father and son now?

Tom Jones first made waves in the music business in the 1960s, and he still has the same creative drive today. The Welsh singer, who is 82 years old, has put out 41 new albums and several video and compilation albums. She has sold more than 100 million records around the world.

How old is jonathan berkery?

The child that Tom Jones loved was born in the United States on June 27, 1988. In 2023, he is 34 years old and a Cancer.

Parents and brothers of jonathan berkery

Katie Berkery, Jonathan’s mother, used to be a model and met singer Tom Jones in October 1987 while he was on tour in the US. They are said to have had a three-day fling, and Katherine, who was only 24, later found out she was pregnant with their son.

When Jonathan was born, there was a long legal fight over who the father of the child was. In 1989, DNA tests showed that Jones was the father, and a US court agreed. But the singer kept saying he wasn’t the father.

Katherine Berkery is Jonathan’s mother. She was born in Asia and was adopted by an American family when she was eight years old. It was 1987 when she met Tim Jones. She was working as a hotel manager and trying to make it as a model. In the end, she found work in the real estate business.

Tom Jones, does he spend time with his son?

No! In 2008, the singer said that he was the real father of jonathan berkery. Jones made it clear, though, that he did not want to be close to his child from a different relationship. He thinks the son’s mother tricked him into becoming a father without planning to.

After 1989, DNA tests showed that he was the father. He settled with Jonathan’s mother Katherine for £50,000 without going to court. He was also told by the court to pay £1,700 a month in child support until the son turned 18. Tom Jones did nothing else for the boy besides pay the money the court ordered. It’s likely that they’ve never met in real life.

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How many kids did Tom Jones have?

Mark Jones Woodward, the singer’s first son with wife Melinda Rose Trenchard, was born in April 1957. jonathan berkery, the singer’s love child, is also a famous son. It’s not clear if jonathan berkery has any brothers on his mom’s side.

Where is Tom Jones’s son who is not his?

Tom Jones has an unmarried son who is a struggling artist. He has lived in shelters and on park chairs when he was homeless more than once. Jonathan used drugs as a kid to deal with his dad’s rejection. He has been arrested several times for drug-related crimes. Jonathan told the Daily Mail in 2013 about his rebellious behaviour.

With a wooden sign that said “I Need Money,” Jonathan was seen singing his dad’s songs in the streets of New Jersey in 2018. He worked part-time as a shelf stacker for £5.50 an hour and was said to be living in a homeless shelter in Hoboken, New Jersey. jonathan berkery may not have had as much success as his father as a singer, but he definitely has Tom’s creative genes.

jonathan berkery may not have done anything wrong when his parents made mistakes 35 years ago, but he is now paying the price. He hopes that he and Tom Jones will be able to have the relationship he wants with each other one day before it’s too late.

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