3 Reasons Why A Serviced Office May Be The Best Option For Your Business


Whether you are a new business owner looking for suitable office spaces or an established firm considering future office locations, there is no doubt about the importance of finding a good base from which to conduct your operations. While there are a number of routes a company can take when it comes to leasing office spaces, most of these options can sometimes be beyond the reach of most new, small, or medium sized businesses. This is where serviced offices come in; sometimes referred to as managed offices, serviced office spaces have the potential to provide you with the property solutions you need at a crucial time for your business.

Below we will take a look at 3 of the best reasons why you may want to consider using serviced offices as your base.

  1. Location, Location, Location.

Regardless of the type of service your business offers, you are most likely to prefer an office space in an established business district or city location to maximise your success. The issue with such prime real estate is cost, which is why opting for a serviced office can turn out to be a great business decision for your organisation. Serviced offices are offered furnished with everything your business will need to hit the ground running whether you are starting out or moving office. In addition to a great business location, amenities like desks, storage, telephone and Internet connections are included in the cost.

  1. Lower Upfront Costs

Real estate represents a huge chunk of any organisation’s expenditure. From large multinationals to a new venture, controlling these costs is important in the day to day running of a company, and again serviced office spaces offer a solution to this. With a serviced office, you can take advantage of a great location and fully kitted-out office spaces at a fraction of the cost of leasing one individually. Serviced office Bracknell specialists can help you find the perfect location in an area and you can consult those who may be already renting office space in the locality for advice. Meanwhile, the issue of potentially sharing equipment such as printers, boardrooms, and other common facilities such as kitchens is far outweighed by the potential savings your organisation stands to gain by going down this route.

  1. Flexibility

Given the current economic climate, your organisation has the potential to grow or shrink within a short period of time. Serviced offices offer businesses the flexibility of using more or less office space at short notice, depending on its space requirements of course. Low upfront costs and short term lease agreements ensure you are not tied down by long term contracts or payments for unused space, thereby streamlining your operations and keeping costs in check.

The 3 factors above strongly suggest that choosing a serviced office as a base for your organisation’s operations has the potential to be a low cost solution to ensuring your success. In addition, a prime business location also enhances the trust in your business, as well as providing somewhere clients and staff can commute to easily. Embracing this increasingly popular option may very well provide you with the perfect starting place for your new business venture.

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