Tips For Enjoying Italian Food While Staying At Hotels In Roma


One of the best things about staying in a Hotel in Roma is having the chance to eat as much delicious Italian food as you could possibly want! Rome is overflowing with tasty pizza, pasta, gelato, and other traditional Italian treats.

While you are staying at a hotel in Rome, be sure to sample as many different types of Italian food as you can. Of course, you will have your favourites that you will want to eat again and again, but also try something you have never seen before because you just might discover a new favourite. Don’t worry too much about calories; just enjoy the savoury pizzas and pastas that Italy is famous for.

Here some helpful tips for eating out while you are staying at hotels in Roma:

  • Be adventurous and wander away from the touristic areas. Try to find the neighbourhood restaurants where the locals like to eat, because the food will be cheaper and often much better at these local establishments.


  • Traditionally in the cafes of Rome, you will be charged more if you sit down to eat your food or drink your espresso. It can cost even more for a seat at an outdoor table. Do as the Romans do and drink your coffee standing up at the bar.


  • When dining in a restaurant in Rome, a service charge will usually be automatically added to your bill, and it is optional to tip above and beyond this. If you really would like to tip, the customary procedure is to leave some small change on the table.


  • While you are staying at a hotel in Rome, you must try a gelato. This traditional Italian ice cream is light, sweet and refreshing and is the perfect end to a tasty meal. Ask a local for the best nearby “gelaterie”.


  • To save money and sample a wide range of Italian meats, cheeses and breads, put together a picnic from the local “alimentary” or food store.


  • There are many cheap and delicious authentic pizza places to be found during your stay at a hotel in Roma, and many of them will offer slices of pizza priced by weight, so that you can indicate exactly how much you want and pay accordingly.


  • You will save yourself a bit of money if you make lunch your main meal of the day, because lunch specials at most restaurants are cheaper than the dinner menu.


Enjoy sampling the delicious foods of Italy during your stay at a hotel in Roma.

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