Explore The Pink City Like A Local


Sometimes we all need to see life with colored glasses. And sometimes, traveling gives us that opportunity. Jaipur is definitely one of such places where you can see and experience life in rosy hues. The capital city of the land of the royals is a charming blend of modern lifestyle with a deep-rooted tradition flowing under its surface. And to see, hear, feel, and understand Jaipur in its deeper essence, you must explore the city like a local.

How To Reach

Jaipur is well-connected to major cities of Indian by rail, road, and air. If you are living in and around Delhi you can take a taxi from Delhi to Jaipur.

10 Ways To Explore Jaipur Up And Close

On a tangible level, the pink sandstone and marble structures of its heritage buildings and historic monuments render a pinkish glow to its cityscape. But figuratively, on a deeper level, it’s the royal heritage of the land that paints the town in an aura of regality.  

  1. Its architectural nuances lies in the fine Rajputana-style artistry in stone and marble, giving every edifice an enticing appeal. Head to the Moti Dungri, or called the Hill of Pearls, named after its perfect-pearl-drop shape. Sitting atop the hill is a Scottish-style castle which once belonged to Sawai Man Singh II and later to Rajmata Gayatri Devi. There’s a sacred Ganesha temple adjacent to it, which offers the most exquisite view of the city below.
  2. Join a bicycle tour for a unique way to roam through Jaipur. The three-hour ride starts from the famous Hawa Mahal around sunrise, goes via Jal Mahal, and ends in the Nahargarh Fort in the Aravali Hills.
  3. If it happens to be a full moon night, then you must make a trip to the majestic Jal Mahal. Built in the middle of the man-made Man Sagar Lake, the entire palace looks surreal yet fascinating in the moonlight.
  4. Visit the Amber Fort and have a first-hand experience of pomp, grandeur, and flamboyance of Mughal and Rajputana architecture. The Deewan-e-Aam or the ‘public courtyard’ of the palace holds Kathak dance occasionally for visitors to enjoy.
  5. Make a trip to the Indian Coffee House near Ajmeri Gate and spend an afternoon musing over life or other things. Its antiquated structure with faded paint, high-arched ceilings, and vintage furniture invite intellectual and creative souls for deep conversations over fresh coffee.
  6. Spend a cozy wine-and-dine evening at the open-roof restaurant at Nahargarh and savor the night skyline of the city as its pink hues give way to midnight blue and shimmering lights.
  7. If you are traveling in winter, make sure to catch the vintage car rally of Jaipur. Watching the classic mean machines own the road is like reliving the grand old days of the royal city!
  8. Don’t leave without visiting the popular Jantar Mantar. The astronomical observatory was founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II. The observation devices here can actually tell you the exact time of the day, month, and year, by assessing the positions of the sun.
  9. Take a hot-air balloon ride and fly high over Jaipur’s skyline and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city.
  10. Shop at the Chaura Rasta or the Bapu Bazaar for the most authentic tie-and-dye fabrics, leather accessories, wooden dolls and puppets, or ceramic pottery.

History, art, culture, or food, no matter which direction you take to explore Jaipur, it all takes you through its soul- which is rich, steeped in stories, and still stands with an air of aristocracy. If you are travelling from Delhi, You can also look for car rentals in Gurgaon, depending on your convenience.

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