Pre-Pregnancy Foods-Maximize Your Chances To Get Pregnant


Eating the right food before conceiving is as important as when you’re pregnant. Although, eating well does not give guarantee that you will get pregnant? It only maximizes the chances of conceiving. To get assured of your pregnancy in the pink or in the blue, you need to make some dietary changes which will benefit your health. You should focus on “must eat” and “must not eat” foods before making the changes to your diet plan.

Let’s explore some Pregancy health tips, foods which boost your fertility and maximize your chances to get pregnant.

Leafy green veggies: Greens veggies like Spinach and Kale are a great source of Folate, a vitamin B key that helps in preventing the neural tube defects which are about to occur during early stages of pregnancy. Try to include these green veggies in your daily diet either in the form of salads or cooked vegetables. Intake of such leafy green veggies lowers down the risk of faults caused during early fetal development.

Milk: to develop the skeleton of the fetus, it’s necessary for you to drink milk in an appropriate dosage. The milk contains calcium which takes time to attain levels inside the body. Thus, you must start taking it much before, so as to make it leveled in the body which can be shared with your baby in the coming period.

Raspberries: commonly known as strawberries, is something more than a tasty food. These actually contain plant compounds which make your body capable to fight with diseases. Also, they contain vitamin c, which helps in strengthening your membranes and keeps you fit to fight against any diseases. Try to take the apt amount of it in your daily diet.

Yoghurt: Yoghurt contains probiotics which instill on boosting your immune system. During pregnancy, it’s necessary to consume yoghurt to provide the protection to your baby after conceiving. So, try to experience it once in a day.

Red Meat: eat red meat to replenish the iron deficiency caused within you. A survey says that most of the women are iron deficient which create problems in early pregnancy. So, you must eat red meat and refill the gaps created due to lack of iron.

Apart from the above must include foods, you must also consider some foods which are strictly “No” for your pre-pregnancy diet. Like;

Non-pasteurized milk: such foods which categorized under non-pasteurized foods or those containing Listeria in them are harmful for a pregnant woman. Thus, you must avoid such foods to avoid any serious health problem.

Alcohol: the very beginning stages of pregnancy are the crucial period of fetal growth. Therefore, you need to very much concerned about your diet and should avoid alcohol completely. If you consume alcohol during your pregnancy, your child can suffer from physical or mental disability.

To achieve a healthy pregnancy, you need to make preparation much before the time. You should work on your pregnancy diet chartand prepare it well to achieve only the happiest and healthy pregnancy.

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