Foods That Boost Quality Of Sleep


When the process of sleeping well through the night is challenging, you can enhance your quality of sleep by using sleep aids. If you want to enjoy short naps and long sleep sessions without taking many pills, there are several food options with highly efficient sleep-inducing properties that are worth considering.



Almonds are snacks that everyone can enjoy shortly before bedtime. Because these nuts are small, they’re not very filling, which is important since the process of sleeping after eating filling snacks can be challenging. After consuming a few walnuts, you’ll sleep peacefully, as each nut has magnesium and amino acid. The chemicals that make magnesium enhances sleep quality, and the amino acid speeds up the phases that occur while falling asleep.



Turkey is a common sleep aid since it has trytophan. After enough turkey is eaten, the trytophan will trigger sleep symptoms. Although turkey is typically consumed the most during Thanksgiving, you could still enjoy large portions of this protein by buying fully cooked options that are marketed for sandwiches. If you want to increase your turkey intake whenever you need to fall asleep quickly, consider eating a turkey burger or turkey soup for dinner.

Chamomile Tea


Chamomile provides the best results when it’s consumed 30 minutes before bedtime. This beverage is an effective sleep option because it has apigenin, which is a sedative the targets receptors in the mind that influence sleep.



Kiwi can help you sleep longer when extra energy is needed before important events. According to studies, a typical individual who has sleep problems stays asleep an hour longer after kiwi is consumed before bedtime. Besides the sleep inducing properties, kiwi also has other health benefits that are provided by folate, serotonin, vitamin E, and vitamin C.



Soy-based foods enhance sleep patterns because they have isoflavones. After edamame, tofu, miso, and other soy foods are consumed, the isoflavone compounds provide serotonin. This chemical is important, as it influences key sleep-wake cycle functions. In order to benefit from the sleep effects that soy products provide, you’ll need to eat two or more meals that feature soy items.

By enjoying these foods before bedtime, the process of recharging throughout the night won’t be a hassle. If you want to ensure the best results, you should try to eat foods that promote drowsiness and snacks with chemicals that increase the length of sleep.


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