The Best Las Vegas Attractions Off The Strip

Best Las Vegas Attractions

Las Vegas is nothing short of one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire world. Case in point, convention and business travel reached nearly 2 million visitors in May of this year, which is an 878% increase compared to the previous year. From fine dining to a unique hotel experience and spectacular shows, Las Vegas is definitely a tourist’s paradise.

But of all the things the city is known for, gaming, casinos, and poker are the main highlights. Tourists flock here from all over the world to watch tournaments like the World Series of Poker (WSOP) for the one-of-a-kind experience of witnessing an elite championship. Gaming and casinos are everything in Vegas! Despite this, there is still so much to see and experience in the city outside of the popular Strip.

Here are some of the best Las Vegas attractions off the Strip that you ought to see:


Red Rock Canyon

Just outside Las Vegas, you’ll find many attractions that are worth visiting, including Red Rock Canyon. After you’ve exhausted the glitzy poker rooms on the Strip, these beautiful red rock formations offer a refreshing break away from the busy lights and crowds. It’s one of the best places in Las Vegas to visit after playing cards at a casino.

It’s relatively easy to hike the canyon’s well-marked trails. You can marvel at the canyon’s color and texture and take photos at the top for more beautiful views. While you can definitely explore the area on your own, the best way to see all the best parts of this tourist attraction is with a tour guide.


Fremont Strip

Fremont Strip can be found in the heart of downtown Las Vegas. A short seven miles from the Strip, Fremont Strip (also known as Glitter Gulch) is a street that allows only pedestrians to see various attractions.

Here you can do everything from watching light shows thanks to the LED-lit canopy to hearing live music. Fremont Street is also one of the best places off the Strip to see installations of characters from comedy shows like Rick and Morty. And, of course, you can also go to casinos while you’re here.


The Botanical Garden at the Springs Preserve

If rocky formations in the desert are not your cup of tea, then visiting the Botanical Garden at the Springs Preserve may be a better attraction for you. The desert is actually teeming with life, and you’ll see this at these botanical gardens. You’ll see a large collection of Mojave Desert cacti, succulents, and even a butterfly habitat!

Similar to the Atlanta botanical gardens, which are among the top tourist attractions in Atlanta, the Springs Preserve has many exhibits. Depending on the season, visitors may even take part in activities like the Garden’s water conservation project.


Vickie’s Diner

There are countless diners in Vegas, but if there’s one that you have to visit, it’s Vickie’s. It has become a household name as a staple breakfast spot among locals and visitors in Las Vegas. It recently reopened last year after closing during the start of the pandemic.

You can enjoy home-cooked diner favorites like their full breakfast spread for as little as $8. They also have old-school soda fountains, burgers, and other American comfort food options.


Neon Boneyard Museum

If you’re looking for a different set of glittering lights off the strip, then the Neon Boneyard Museum is for you. This is an outdoor neon sign museum that tourists can walk through to admire all the vintage neon signs from the golden days of Las Vegas.

When visiting this museum, it’s best to time your arrival just before sunset. This allows you to get spectacular views of the giant neon signs during the day, at golden hour, and in the evening.


The Bottom Line

The Strip may be the superstar of attractions in Las Vegas, but don’t miss out on other places and activities that lay elsewhere! By venturing outside, you might just find something that you love right outside the city.

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