Time Is Money: 6 Aspects Of Your Business You Should Consider Automating


Everyone knows time is money and that automation leads to freedom and higher profits. While some tasks require your personal touch, there are many that you can automate to make your life easier. This gives you more time to properly run your business while still ensuring that everything is done correctly.

Lead Management

A successful business must always be seeking new leads. You need new customers and to pursue every new opportunity that comes your way. Because of this, lead automation software ensures that you can quickly follow up with new leads and have the best chance of closing the deal.

Most lead solutions will create automated messages so that leads feel acknowledged, push the requests to the first sales associate so that they are aware of the lead and help associates continually contact leads until they close the sale.

Sales Automation

Customer Relationship Management programs, or CRMs, have become exceedingly popular in businesses because they help you keep up with sales opportunities. If you don’t have one already, then you need a sales automation CRM that helps you achieve higher profits.

These help you generate a sales pipeline, analyze leads to see who is most willing to buy and even help you stay engaged with prospects who haven’t purchased anything yet but are likely to.

Online Shopping

Nearly every business has a website where customers can buy products. While ecommerce shops are already convenient for shoppers, there are automation programs to make them even more profitable.

By forcing buyers to generate an account, you can immediately engage with them. Not only that, but automation programs allow you to follow up with people who emptied their carts without buying and to remind customers that their product is running out and that they might need more.

Email Automation

Everyone knows that money is in the list, but there’s more to it than just generating a massive email list. The best email programs can schedule personal emails that go out to specific customers, such as those who would like one service or product over another, and they will remind customers to refer their friends and family members.

You should also look for automation programs that prune your list of old leads that aren’t responding or opening your messages. This can turn off leads who no longer wish to receive your messages and may even get you labeled as spam by email servers.


Events are great for building buzz, networking and marketing to both clients and third-party affiliates. Every event, no matter how big or small, takes significant time and energy to organize. Automation software makes everything just a little easier.

You can find programs to send out reminders, help with RSVPs and even to automate promoting the event. These will help you focus your energy on the event itself.

Hiring Automation

As your business grows you must hire new employees to help take on new tasks. Hiring can take a massive amount of time and requires you to go through dozens or even hundred of applications for the best one.

Hiring automation involves keeping connected with good applicants, giving prompts to applicants so that they can answer relevant questions and other tasks that will help you find the right person for the job.


Automation has become a necessity for businesses to help you expand and make more profit. Not only do these programs complete tasks that would otherwise require hours of manual labor, but they tend to be finished better than if a real person did them. Try out these six automation services and you’ll see how much better your business operates.

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