Alternative Ways to Make More Money


Topping up your earnings is not something everybody believes they can do, but chances are you can. Not all methods of making a little extra cash require hours of work and considerable effort; in fact there lots of quick and easy way to make cash. Below are some more alternative money-making methods.

Rent your Green Space

If you’ve got a lot of land or a large garden that gets neglected the split it into plots and rent them out. You can rent them as allotment spaces and there are specialist websites online which allow you to advertise. You might even get some tasty goodies for free from your new tenants.

Movie Star

OK becoming a famous actor or actress isn’t so easy but becoming an extra is. You can earn up to £100 a day if you apply and find work as a film extra. There are plenty of agencies who specialise in recruiting extras so if you’re comfortable trying it then give it a go.

Sell your Photos

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to make some cash for from your hobby. There are plenty of stock photography websites online who will pay you for your photos on a per download basis. You will need to forfeit copyright in most instances and accept that they’ll take a royalty cut but it’s still a great way of boosting your income.

Online Surveys

This does take a little time but it isn’t taxing and you can tap them out whilst you’re relaxing in front of the TV. Online surveys won’t make you a fortune unless you dedicate hours to them but they’ll prove an extra £20 or £30 a month with a little effort. Stick to the UK sites only. You can also get help from the online site like Kolkata Fatafat Result which provides instant results.

Get Rid of Old Things

Whether you have a pile of old clothes or CD’s or want get rid of something bigger like your  old Macbook Pro, it’s quick and easy to sell things online by either using an auction site or somewhere that recycles old things.

Home Film Set

Many companies are looking for ordinary homes as film sets. It may sound like a huge inconvenience to have a film crew in your home but you can pick up around £500 a day if you are chosen as a location for filming. You’ll need to spend a little time registering with specialist agencies but then if you’re chosen you could end up with a few thousand pounds extra in a few short days.

Sell your Hair

If you’re in need of a haircut or want to make a change then you can potentially make some cash for selling your hair to a wig manufacturer. Real hair wigs are the norm now so manufacturers are always looking for real hair donors to support their craft. To be considered your hair will need to be undyed, un-permed and free of all chemicals. You’ll get more money the longer your hair is and it’s recommended you have a chat with a wig maker before going in for the cut!

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