Top Five Ways To Boost Your Income


Topping your income has become a necessity for many. Wages just aren’t cutting it when compared to the cost of living. If you’re looking for a way to boost your income we’ve got together five of the top ways you could earn a little bit extra below.

Swap Childcare

If you’ve got children you could think about swapping from external childcare to an au pair. People with young families can be paying up to £39,000 on childcare a year, so rather than paying out all that cash to the nursery, bring your childcare home. You can bring in an au pair for as little as £60 a week and this fee doesn’t usually increase if you have more than one child. You do lose a little space in your home but if you have a spare room that’s going to waste it could be a hugely positive move and save you some cash.

Take in a Lodger

Like the above idea, you need to have space for this one but there’s plenty of cash to be made by allowing a lodger into your home. Rent you charge a lodger is tax-free up to £4,250 under the Rent-a-Room scheme and although there are insurance issues and it may take time to find the right person, it’s still worth considering.

Sell your Stuff

Chances are there are things in your home which are going to waste. Most people have at least one drawer with old gadgets and other things that could be of use to someone else. It’s time to root through the drawers and sell that old Samsung Tocco and all the other bits and bobs you’re not using. It could be even more profitable if you have any collectables or antique items. If you really need additional income it might be time to take a look at your prize heirlooms and see how much they’re really worth.

Share your Skills

If you have a special skill or talent that you can share then why not try it? Perhaps you’re an experienced yoga practitioner or are highly qualified in mathematics. Your skills can be utilised and sold. If you want to give others the chance to learn more about your skill then you can charge for the privilege. Of course, you have to be highly competent in your chosen area and when it comes to tutoring you need to have certain clearances if you want to work with children including a recent Criminal Records Bureau Check.

Second Job

This isn’t something many people want to consider but if you have the time or inclination you could consider a second job to boost your income. It could be your comfortable working overnight or in the evenings or weekends and your lifestyle gives you the opportunity to do so. Even three or four hours extra work a week can make all the difference and you can often find jobs available in the security, catering and retail sectors.

Finding ways to boost your income doesn’t have to be hard to come by and we hope these few options are useful to you.

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