A Brief Insight Into The Different Types Of Polished Concrete Flooring Finish

Polished Concrete Flooring

One of the most important choices that you might need to make when you are a homeowner is the type of flooring your abode will have, at the end of the day. The reason is quite simple to understand – the right type of flooring, in the right places, can increase the overall value of a home by many folds.

Decisions for flooring material are often made by homeowners based on three factors. They are:

  • The overall costs involved
  • The durability of the material
  • Whether the material will be easy to clean/maintain.

If you are looking for a flooring material that satiates all of the above-mentioned attributes then you should go for polished concrete flooring. With that being said, there are variations of polished concrete flooring that you should be familiar with.

The sections below will enunciate on just that. Please pay attention:

Polished concrete flooring type 1 – Salt and pepper polish

In the opinion of companies associated with offering honed concrete services, here in Perth, Australia, this is one of the most popular and easily achievable polished concrete floor finishes!

The name of this finish gets the inspiration from the small imperfections it leaves when the experts are finished with it. Your floor will be left with some small cracks and little holes along with an impressive shine. The small imperfections add to the appeal!

Polished concrete flooring type 2 – Cream polish

If you are in the mood for the smoothest finish that can also impress your loved ones and you with its consistency then you should definitely choose cream polished concrete floors.

In the opinion of leading companies in Perth, Australia that is associated with offering polished concrete services, the best part about cream polished concrete floor variation is its ability to readily accept stains, dyes. On top of that, it maintains impressive consistency, thus making it the ideal choice if your preference is coloured concrete floor finishes.

If you choose cream polished concrete flooring finish for your living room, you would need to make sure that your existing floor does not have any form of a coating on it. In case there are some, you would need to arrange for the floor to be made fit for the finish using the concrete grinding technique.

Polished concrete flooring type 3 – Aggregate polish

The aggregate polished concrete finish finds little takers since it is a bit costly to bear for homeowners.

Furthermore, it takes quite some time to finish. With that being said, if you are okay with the extra costs as well as the long duration of the project, aggregate finish of concrete floors can leave you speechless.

The best part, you can use this finish in a plethora of settings.

Polished concrete floors are known for their enhanced aesthetic appeal, durable nature and overall ease of maintenance. With that being said, be sure to hire a renowned company that offers polished concrete solutions for the best results. It is best to keep in mind that when you are choosing to go with polished concrete surfaces, you would need to ensure that the floor in your property is suitable for a particular polished concrete finish.

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