Increase Your Earnings With Your New Car


Do you wish to own a new car? Do you get shivers down the spine every time an ad for your dream car comes on the telly? But are your finances stopping you from making this big decision? You are not alone. This is the story of our times – an age where we are getting used to the better things in life and also spending more to experience them. Getting a car involves not just a rather significant down payment, but also EMIs that you will be paying every month for a while. That can translate to a whole lot of compromises with your budget. Many who choose the ‘buy second-hand car’ option end up regretting it as the maintenance costs and lack of resale value undermine their initial savings.

But all is not lost! Why not pick up the car you want and earn a little more without doing anything extra? It is not wishful thinking – it is a reality made possible by the shared economy. With the Zoomcar Associate Program or ZAP initiative, you can buy a new car and list on the Zoomcar platform when you are not using it. Earn extra money via the rental platform that will help you take care of those EMIs. Many happy ZAPsters are earning up to 20,000 rupees every month with this model. It is really simple – everything is facilitated via an app and you do not have to interact with Zoomcar customers. Billing is very transparent so you will know exactly how your car is earning you money.


Zoomcar can help you save on a new car too. The company enjoys great relationships with India’s best manufacturers – Maruti, Hyundai, Mahindra and Volkswagen are some of the major examples. You can leverage this relationship and get a nice discounted price on the car you love. You will also have access to a large network of car finance providers.

Before you list your car on Zoomcar and start counting your money, there are some prerequisites. The car needs to be registered as a commercial vehicle under Zoomcar so you have no liabilities when it is used by the company. In other words, it means you can rest easy and not worry about damages or insurance. The car also needs to be fitted with Cadabra, a wonderful tool that gives you alerts on car health on your smartphone. With Cadabra, you can ensure preventive maintenance to keep the car in top shape and of course, save yourself a lot of money. With GPS enabled, you can track your car at all times.

We do not use our cars all the time. While they stay parked, their values depreciate while you still pay EMIs on the premium price. Convert your car into an asset by making it earn you extra income. With the ZAP model, you can take care of your car loan EMIs with ease and enjoy the fun and independence of having your own vehicle.

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