Atila Altaunbay: The Mysterious Person Behind Grace Jones’ Fame


atila altaunbay is one person who temporarily gained notoriety in the volatile world of celebrity relationships because of his connection to the legendary Grace Jones. Atila was born in Turkey in 1976. His story, which began as a pizza delivery kid in Belgium and ended with him becoming the husband and bodyguard of the renowned Grace Jones, is one of unexpected turns, difficulties with his family, and a subsequent descent into obscurity.

Early Life and Education of Atila

There are little information known about Atila’s childhood, including his upbringing in a Muslim family in Belgium. Atila went back to his homeland in Turkey for his official education, opting to withhold information about his parents. His desire to work as a professional bodyguard was reflected in his decision to seek specific training in CPR, AED, martial arts, and other physical abilities, which laid the groundwork for his future in the security sector.

Atila’s Ascent to Notoriety

Before entering the world of professional bodyguarding, Atila worked as a pizza delivery guy in Belgium, where his rise to stardom started. His involvement as Grace Jones’ bodyguard was a turning point in his life and the beginning of his public fame. After their friendship grew beyond business, Atila and Grace became romantically involved, which resulted in their 1996 marriage.

union with Grace Jones

Atila chose to break up relations with his Turkish Muslim family in order to start a new life in Brazil with Grace Jones, which had a significant impact on his familial relationships. A further strain on familial ties was the 27-year age difference between the 48-year-old Grace and the 21-year-old Atila. Despite appearing to be a solid union at first, the couple’s marriage eventually broke down after eight years due to problems.

A Difficult Marriage

Grace Jones was upfront about their reasons for divorcing, pointing to disagreements over her relationships with other men as the main cause. When Atila threatened her life with a knife out of rage, things got out of hand. This event served as the final straw that caused Atila to abruptly leave Grace’s life. Atila eluded searchers for a long time, and the pair never went through with a legal divorce.

Grace’s Family and Atila’s Position

Despite the fact that Atila and Grace were not parents to one other’s children, Atila was a father figure to Grace’s son Paulo Goude from a prior relationship. Despite their lack of biological ties, Atila cemented his position in the family dynamics by accepting the duties of a step-grandfather for their granddaughter.

The Starry Link

Atila and Grace’s relationship appeared to transcend time and location, leaving a lasting impression on their souls. Their love was described as a divine knot, an immortal flame that radiates in the memory of those who adore their narrative, despite the criticisms and challenges they faced.


As of 2024, atila altaunbay‘s net worth is estimated to be around $800,000. This high compensation strongly suggests that Atila’s total net worth is greater than $800,000, even though there isn’t a glaring evidence of additional income from other sources.

In comparison, Paulo, Grace Jones’s son from a prior relationship, is believed to be worth $1.4 million, whilst Grace Jones’s net worth is approximately $7 million. The family’s financial situation is varied, with different members having different net worths, and Atila’s income influences the family’s overall financial situation.

The Disappearance and Present Location of Atila

Atila purposefully withdrew from the public glare following his split from Grace, making it unclear where he is now. Grace revealed that he went back to live with his family, and there are speculations he may have started living a more private life again. On the other hand, Grace, who is currently 75 years old, is still well-known in the entertainment sector and in the public eye.

Disputations and Confusions

After Grace disclosed the threatening incident that occurred during their argument, Atila’s conduct were scrutinised. Their connection became more problematic due to their significant age difference. Grace’s varied existence was highlighted by the public controversy surrounding her, including her 1998 live performance incident that resulted in a Disney property ban.

In summary

The fascinating story of atila altaunbay’s rise from obscurity to fame and subsequent return to isolation is interwoven with the extraordinary life of Grace Jones. Even if Atila’s present life circumstances are still unknown, his brief public appearance creates a lasting impression and raises questions about the man who stood next to one of the most mysterious characters in the entertainment industry.

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