The Tasks Covered by an External Employment Law Specialist

employment lawyers

When it comes to running a business, you might feel like you are being pulled in all sorts of directions. Not only are you responsible for business operations, sales, and making key decisions, but you also need to manage employment contracts, negotiate sick leaves and time off, and manage your workforce in a productive yet supportive way.

With so much to do, having an employment lawyer on your side can lighten the load exponentially. But what tasks do employment lawyers in Glasgow cover and how can having an expert from the field of employment law help you manage your business efficiently? Let’s take a closer look.

Annual retainer for a full portfolio of services

First up, have you considered or looked into the benefits of an annual retainer service? Offered by employment lawyers as a year-long partnership, an annual retainer is a way of receiving priority support and advice across as many legal situations as necessary during the year.

From representing your business at tribunal to managing new hires, facilitating and creating contracts, and offering advice in light of specific challenges and issues, an annual retainer is the best way of accessing the help you need, when you need it.

Contracts, documents, and negotiations

One of the most useful roles performed by employment lawyers on a daily basis is contract and document creation and proofreading, ensuring that the formal business documents that you are sending out reflect your business effectively and concisely. Employment terms, new employee contracts, and even other employment related policies and procedures should all be proofed by a lawyer to protect the integrity and reputation of your business – and to help avoid issues later down the line.

Upskilling across your team

This is an interesting one because while an external employment law specialist is there to help you manage the legal side of your business on your behalf, they can also help to upskill your own team to be more attuned to and aware of the importance of employment law in the workplace.

Diversity training, legal buzzwords, and more can all be covered in seminars and workshops which are run by employment law specialists in Glasgow and beyond.

Settlement agreements

Most businesses are not really aware of settlement agreements until they find themselves in a situation where one is required. In essence, a settlement agreement is created as a means of ending the relationship with a former employee who has either had their contract terminated or who has raised issues within the business. An employment lawyer can help you to arrange the best possible agreement to protect the interests of the business, maintaining fair and balanced advice and judgment for all parties involved.

If employment law is something you are looking into and considering for your business, finding a reputable third-party team can help to elevate your access to legal advice, support, and specific services. Get in touch with your local law team to find out more.

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