The Table: The Most Important Piece Of Furniture In The Living Room


Tables are considered to be the centrepiece in a living room. No matter what your room size is a table can create the illusion of sophistication. To know more we need to understand the variation of tables on can keep in a living room.

Types Of Tables For Living Rooms

Coffee Table: Talk about living rooms and you will only think of a coffee table beside a sofa or a loveseat and an area rug on the floor to add charm to the room. A coffee table in any shape or size is the perfect furniture that can highlight the ambience of your living room. It works as a central point that can immediately strike your attention, entering the living room. From sharing tea or snacks to keeping magazines or a flower vase or other forms of table accessories, a coffee table is truly the queen of all the furniture one can have in a living room.

Dining Table: Nowadays, many prefer to set aside a particular space in the living room for dining area. This means a dining table can find a place when it is about living room furniture apart from the sofa and small couches. The colour and style of a dining table play a vital role in illuminating the ambience of a living room. They are not just used to arrange dinner parties for guests or family gatherings. They can do a lot depending on how you want them to. Keeping a dining table in a living room is practical as well as convenient. It saves your space and you do not another room to keep it. More than anything a dining table can be your favourite place to decorate.

Necessary Things To Know For Your Living Room Table


Shape Matters

Before choosing either a coffee table or a dining table you need to consider the living room space. You cannot get a large rectangle table if you have a small space. A round or oval is good in smaller rooms. Go for sharp edges and get curved edges. Make sure that your coffee table does not block free space for walking.

Size Is Essential

Next comes size that is obviously vital. Take a note on the varieties of table sizes available. If you want to pair a coffee table with a couch of common height, make sure your table height is 16-18 inches. And for the dining table, you need to see if the height is comfortable enough to sit and enjoy meals.

Accessories Them


Table accessories such as table linen, coasters, candle stands, flower vase and others are not just mere accessories. They are interesting things that can decorate your living in a simple, yet elegant way. With the right arrangement and placement, you can create a focal point in your living room. Place some scented candle son your coffee table and a small flower pot beside it to give the aesthetic vibe. And for dining tables you can use varieties of coasters available, beautiful table linen or mats to serve food and welcome guests in graceful manners.

So now that you know how important table is for your living room, go get one. Fill your living room with the sense of creative decor and nice elements.

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