How To Take Care Of Your Designer Suits


You can be a guy who prefers the jeans and t-shirt combo over a sleek, custom tailored suit but there are few days where, if you plan on attending, you need to adorn a suit. Take for instance – the inaugural event of your venture or an important board meeting where you will be presenting your idea for a new product. With these points in mind, there are certain pieces of wardrobe that men these days can’t live without.

Apart from your run-of-the-mill jeans and t-shirt, you need to have good men’s designer suits in your closet for both special occasions and corporate events. It is best to remember that suits are investments and to get good ROIs (yes, we are using this term here), it is best to invest in something that is not cheap. A cheap suit won’t last long even if you use it well. On the other hand, an expensive suit, with proper care and handling routine, will last for at least a decade (if one isn’t exaggerating).

A suit needs a bit of attention since it not only makes you look presentable it also shields you from the daily elements as well. That being said, here are a few tried and tested ways for taking care of men’s designer suits.

Don’t forget to rotate your suits

Rotation is the key for keeping any item you own in their prime. If you have three timepieces, you need to wear them all in a rotational way to keep all three functions. In case you own a suit, it is better than you buy another one so that the load is shared equally on both which results in both agings perfectly.

It is best if you can keep your cargo light

You might have a habit of carrying all your cargo such as your wallet, keys, ID cards, cell phone and the likes in your jeans pocket but that will be ill-advised if you are planning to do the same with your suit pockets as well. Suits are made using fine fabric that needs a bit of care. The most preferred fabrics for suits are those that stretch easily meaning if loaded with heavy cargo for extended periods of time, the shape of your suit can alter thereby resulting in an ill-fitted outfit. Now you don’t want that to happen with your expensive suit right?

It is best to brush your suit every time you take it off

It is best to use a coat brush on your suit every time you take it off after a hard day at work. Using a coat brush gently on your suit allows you to remove debris, accumulated dirt and whatever unwanted material might have accumulated on your suit easily. It will also allow you to keep the suit clean, i.e. fewer trips to the cleaners.

Since time immemorial, men looked their best when they ditched their regular attire and put on their three pieces. Suits from Alexandra Wood, not only allows a man to better their appearance, but also boosts their confidence in a way that allows them to work, play and do better every time. Since you have spent exorbitant amounts of your hard earned cash on your suits, it is best to take care of it by sticking to the tips mentioned above for best results.

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