Best Cardio Exercise For Weight Loss


Weight reduction requires both strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Strength training can help you raise your metabolism and burn more calories even when you’re not working out. Cardio Exercise. In addition, you may not even be sure what kind of cardiovascular exercise appeals to you the most.

Some of interesting and basic cardio exercises are mentioned below:

  • Stairs Running
  • Rope Jumping
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Walking
  • Sprinting
  • Boxing
  • Kick Boxing
  • Elliptical trainer

Stairs Running:

You’ll soon find that climbing a flight of steps is your go-to exercise apparatus of choice. A flight of stairs may be climbed by walking, running, or lunging for a very effective way to burn a lot of calories. An individual who weighs 150 pounds and runs up and down stairs for an hour may burn 1000 calories.


The good thing about is this exercise is that you do not have to run up and down the stairs at a breakneck speed for sixty minutes in order to get the advantages. Simply ascending and descending a flight of steps for ten minutes will burn 102 calories for a person who weighs 160 pounds. Even better, a decent cross-training program can be completed in thirty minutes or less, and it may aid you burn more calories than a typical jogging session would.

Rope Jumping:

If you want to lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit, and one of the best ways to do so is to include jump rope into your daily routine. Skipping rope is an efficient kind of exercise that may help burn a significant number of calories in a very small period of time.

For someone who weighs 91 kilograms (200 pounds), jumping rope for twenty minutes may help them burn as much as 241 calories.

Jumping rope, which is a staple in the training regimen of every boxer, is one of the most effective methods of exercise for reducing belly fat. Jumping rope is an inexpensive and simple kind of exercise that not only speeds up your feet but also helps you burn a lot of calories.

The advantages of jumping rope are many and varied. This workout for belly fat will not only improve your footing, but will also build strength in your shoulders, improve your coordination, and get you running faster. When you are exercising with a jumping rope, it is a good idea to alternate between jumping quickly and jumping slowly at intervals. Jumping rope is a simple aerobic workout that can be done at home or on the move and needs very little equipment. Jumping rope may help you eliminate abdominal fat.


Cycling is a low-impact kind of exercise that improves your cardiovascular health, builds muscle in your legs, and helps you burn a significant number of calories. Cycling outside satisfies not just your demand for exercise but also your need for clean air and vitamin D.

However, not everyone has the confidence to ride a bike outdoors or the resources to buy a fresh new bicycle. If that is the case, then riding indoors is a fantastic activity to consider. According to studies, the typical individual may burn between 400 and 600 calories in a lesson that lasts for 45 minutes.

Cycling, which is one of the primary pieces of exercise equipment in any gym, is yet another fantastic approach to burning calories and getting rid of belly fat. You may get exercise by using a stationary bike at the gym or at home, or you can go outside and ride a bicycle. Interval training on a stationary bike is a fantastic way to get your workout done.

This is a fantastic method for maximizing the number of calories you burn in the shortest period of time possible. Keep pedaling at a high effort for the next couple of minutes as part of the intervals, and then take it easy for about a minute. To get the possible benefit from your bouts of cycle cardio, you should keep doing this for as long as you possibly can.


The amount of calories you burn when swimming is remarkable. When swimming laps at a slow or adequate speed for 60 minutes, a person who weighs 160 pounds should expect to burn roughly 423 calories. When swimming at a more aggressive rate for one hour, the same individual might potentially burn up to 715 calories.

When you swim, you are effectively working against gravity to maintain your buoyancy, which causes your muscles to work more diligently than usual without receiving a respite until after you have exited the water. Because of this, swimming is a good activity for burning a lot of calories. You need to keep in mind that the kinds of strokes you do make a difference in the game. In order to get the maximum out of your training, it is important to practice a variety of various swimming strokes. It is a great idea for you to attempt swimming intervals, even if you are not a very strong swimmer at the moment.

You should start by swimming as quickly as you can the length of the pool and back, and then you should swim more slowly for the same distance. Simply treading water is another simple method that may be used to burn calories while in the water. You might swim a few laps and then alternate between swimming and water treading for the rest of the workout.


Because it causes you to burn calories, walking and other forms of physical exercise are essential for maintaining a healthy weight. Walking at a fast pace for an additional half an hour each day might result in an additional calorie burn of around 150 each day. Walking burns calories, so obviously the more you do it, and the faster you do it, the more calories you’ll burn.

Nevertheless, striking a balance is essential. If you push yourself towards extreme, you can end up with muscle discomfort, an injury, or even burnout. If you haven’t been exercising regularly before, you may choose to begin with shorter walks or walking at a lower intensity level. From there, you can gradually work up to longer walks or walking at a more moderate or intense activity level.


The best way to reduce the most calories in the shortest period of time is to run sprints, whether you do them outdoors, on a treadmill, or even upstairs or on bleachers. You can do these exercise pretty much anywhere, and you don’t even need any special equipment to complete them.

Sprinting is the most effective kind of exercise for reducing abdominal fat. Sprinting is an excellent method for burning the most calories in the shortest period of time, and it can be done either on a treadmill or in the open air. This abdominal fat-burning workout may be done anywhere, does not need any equipment, and is effective. If you want to get rid of that stubborn belly fat, the best cardio activity to do is sprinting since it burns a tremendous number of calories in a short period of time.

When sprinting outdoors, it is a good idea to first sprint one lap and then jog one lap in order to break up the monotony of the activity. To get the most out of this incredibly efficient kind of cardiovascular workout, sprint for 20–30 seconds on a treadmill before you jog for around a minute and then repeat the process.


Boxing is an excellent technique to burn calories and improve endurance in the shoulders, back, and core, while simultaneously reducing the amount of impact that is placed on the lower body.

This cardio exercise is also more involved than jogging on a treadmill, that may aid you like your workouts more if you find sitting on a bike or running to be impalpable. If you discover sitting on a bike or running to be impalpable, try this cardio workout instead.

Boxing classes that last one hour and are moderate to vigorous burn between 600 and 800 calories on average for each participant, on average.

Kick Boxing:

Along the same lines as boxing, this may help you build your core strength, the muscular endurance of your shoulders, legs, and backs, and it can also help you boost your power output while throwing at an intensity that is either close to or exactly equal to that of your maximum.

This is a multi-planar kind of cardio that may assist develop agility and mobility. In addition to this, it is also an excellent form of training for self-defense.

Depending on the intensity of the kickboxing class, participants may expect to burn anywhere from 600 to 800 calories throughout the hour-long session.

Elliptical trainer:

One of the greatest forms of cardiovascular exercise to get rid of abdominal fat is the elliptical trainer. The initial intention behind the creation of the elliptical trainer was to reduce the stress placed on the hips and knees while yet enabling a vigorous aerobic exercise that targets abdominal obesity.

Even though it has a minimal impact, the elliptical trainer is an excellent way to get a terrific workout and burn a lot of calories. Altering the machine’s pace, resistance, and intensity allows you to get even more use out of it. The machine comes with a variety of settings that allow you to do this.

The addition of a steep gradient will use more of the leg and glute muscles. This is an excellent kind of cardio for reducing abdominal fat.

Final Thoughts:

When one is interested in reducing their body fat, the first step that should be taken is to understand the function that cardio plays in the weight reduction process.

If you want to get rid of excess fat as well as excess weight, the first thing you need to complete is commit to a healthy eating plan that will put you into a calorie deficit of between 500 to 1,000 calories each week for the next six to twelve weeks. To prevent too much muscle loss, you should combine this calorie deficit with a weight training regimen that works out the majority of muscle groups at least twice a week.

Also, if you are trying to lose weight but do not yet want to control the number of calories you are eating, you may undertake cardio to help raise the number of calories your body burns while still maintaining your present routine.

If you begin to engage in an excessive amount of cardio, particularly high-impact cardio, and are doing this instead of weight training, the majority of the weight you lose will consist of a higher proportion of muscle loss rather than solely fat loss. This is because cardio burns more calories than weight training does.

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