Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 Specifications with Price in India



Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is next level gorgeous digital camera around in the market. It is already making the waves and taking every photographer by stride. The 4.8 inch display unit provided in Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 along with other tools such as the Instagram and Android Apps will surely make the digital photography a totally cool experience.  The digital camera has Wi-Fi connectivity, and moreover, it also has lot of other features that will give you the real advantage to take snaps either in day or in the night. While for many digital photographers, the touch based digital control system is a boon, certainly for few this typical feature makes the camera go on the downside. It is a complete advantage and it is also the best camera to take the shots one after the other.

With your smart and state of art Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, obviously, there are pretty cool features that would give you plenty of freedom to engage around and take pictures of your choice. Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is a classic example of innovation and it is also best low end digital camera that will be the starting point to realize your dream of becoming a full-fledged photographer. Of course, you need to take the first step ahead with Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100.

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 with Android:

 It is an ideal combination of Android backed digital camera that will just double your enjoyment and place you on a higher end. It is a first generation digital camera that has ergonomic design, special features and easy to reach features that will let you take on the full enjoyment.  The GC 100 is a fully digital and automated camera that will give you the advantage to shoot videos of all types and in any kind of light condition. The photos shot with this camera can be instantly transferred to the web.

You can get the idea what capabilities are integrated with Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100.  For one reason or the other, in the recent times, photography has undergone changes, and it is these very changes that have paved the way for next generation digital photography. Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 is android level digital camera and it can let you catch every moment quite easily.

Cool Designs and Features loaded in Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100:

The Galaxy camera from Samsung is quite bulky and on the higher size dimension than any type of super zoom camera around. The qualities like interchangeable lens, and short zoom lens makes it adaptable for any kind of photography. The digital camera id given dynamic shape and it is this shape that takes everyone by stride. New age digital photographers who wanted to go for the digital advancements have opted for Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100.

Despite the fact that the camera is bulky, it is definitely having a manageable weight. With the manageable weight, you can easily keep everything under compact size and of course enjoy the photography.

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 Price in India:

The Price in India is around 21,999 Rupees*.

Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100 Gives You Better Performance:

With Instagram and other social networking apps loaded in Samsung Galaxy Camera GC100, you are on the upper edge. You have the reason to engage the best and real time photography solutions and that too in a better way. You will also be enjoying taking every picture. It is a great digital camera made to fulfill your desires. All you need to do is click and rest will automatically happen in fraction of seconds. Get ready to take the click!

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