Our Maintenance Guide For Your New Driveway


The driveway is the most exposed zone of your house. It resists foot traffic, vehicle pressure and different weathers so don’t you think it deserves some special maintenance. Though driveways Slough runs for years if installed rightly still bit maintenance does no harm rather assures more longevity. Here we have prepared a maintenance guideline that you must follow to keep your driveway strength intact and beauty long-lasted:

Spot Holes And Repair Immediately- Check your driveway properly can you see any sign of holes or cracks? Even a small sign of a hole can become a large one and lead to major accidents. So it’s important to spot them earliest and take action. If you are able to spot any hole, repair it immediately. If you don’t have that kind of money you can consider resurfacing an affordable solution. So, don’t wait. Take instant action.

Remove Flooded Water And Snow- High exposure to water is a threat to driveways Slough. So you have to make sure the downspouts are free from water and snow. Be more careful during the monsoon and winter. Clean out the snow and water using 3-4 inch strips. Ensure your driveway doesn’t store water nor snow.

Avoid Chemical Exposure- Though some people recommend using chemicals to clean the driveway. But we say a big no to that. Using chemicals can eventually affect the performance of your driveway by weakening its inner strength. Also it ruins the beauty of your driveway by fading its colour. So don’t go for any chemical treatment.

Patch The Cracks- Cracking is a very common dilemma of driveways. As a driveway has to resist high pressure of vehicles so cracks are pretty common sometimes. But don’t overlook it. Rather fill it by applying high-quality patches. Also before sealing it conducts a quick check and removes the damaged materials. Give it a smooth finish at the end to prevent injuries or accidents.

Clean It Well- As we said, everyday your driveway resists high level pressure of motor bikes or cars. Now such things can cause oil stains, black spots and more. Also releasing fluids from a vehicle can make your driveway slippery. So keeping it clean from all of these substances is essential. Use a non-clumping brush and rub it gently over the entire surface. Also you can use mild detergent and warm water to clean it. But make sure the water is warm but not high in temperature.

Try To Reduce Car Traffic- Last but not the least thing you can do to increase your driveway’s lifespan is limiting the car traffic. Set a number and don’t allow more cars to cross the number. It will increase your driveway’s longevity.

Hope our guidelines serve you with the best. We wish you good luck and a long life in your driveway.

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