Advantages Of Free Conference Calling And Screen Sharing


Conference calling has recently become extremely popular among the circles of small businesses. This is why call companies have been compelled to lower the rates of these calls to ensure that they do not lose out on any business. The market has essentially become rather competitive with various service providers. All you need to now do is to choose carefully and ensure that you choose the right plan. There are various aspects which need to be kept in mind while choosing the plan, they are

  • The company that you ultimately sign up with needs to be checked on thoroughly regarding their past history with customers.

  • The exact service which is suitable to you.

  • The services that are being provided to you for the mentioned rate.

List all the Calling Options first:-

One of the most important aspects in conference calling which is often overlooked is the fact that not every participant in the conference call contact via landline phones. Many people have mobiles, calling cards, and many people contact through their operators. Though now the most popular and convenient ways of having a free audio conference calls over Skype.

Video Conferencing:-

The concept of a video conference is definitely not something which is new. The concept was prevalent as early as 1968. When Neil Armstrong stepped on the surface of the moon, we could see ‘live’ feed and also talk to him over a two way radio transmitter. Ever since news programs and TV has been introduced in the society, people have seen the same concept-right from the age of the black and white!

Initially the various companies would find the technology of a video conference to be quite expensive and thus would not invest in it. Also, they needed to have a particular room designated to have the conference. But now, with the speedy insurgence of technology into our time, it has become literally a ‘touch’ or a ‘flick’ away to visually see the person who is thousands of miles away from you. Any laptop with a webcam can do the job of having a live video conference with the required people. Since most working people are continuously on the move these days, video conferencing provides a perfect solution. It makes it rather easy for two people to talk even if you are on a train.

Screen Sharing:-

The other extremely helpful advantage of video conferencing is screen sharing. This technology provides a perfect solution to giving presentations. The particular page which you want to show to the other participants of the conversation will automatically be shared to their screens via this technology. Whether it is power point presentations or pictures or informative videos, you may share anything.

Another fantastic feature is the virtual whiteboard the purpose of which is exactly similar to that in real life. It is the perfect way in which you may want to scribble few instantaneous inputs which the people need to know. It may also be used by you to draw pie charts or other statistical data in case required.

Application sharing is by far the most popular forms in a video conference. This allows other people to use certain software and information from your computer into the other and vice versa. This has proven to be extremely helpful in the past since many employees find it more convenient to have the level of inclusiveness and transparency.

Conferencing via the web is the perfect solution to the various problems of coordinated meetings which people face in the real world. Meeting up and ensuring that everyone be at a place on time is extremely arduous and the above is the perfect solution for it.

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