7 Safety Measures You Should Consider Before Using A Heavy Lifting Equipment


Heavy equipment for lifting applications is often used in the industry for moving and transportation of heavy goods ranging from 1 ton to more than 1000 tons in weight. Different heavy lifting machineries are designed depending on the particular type of task the equipment is expected to perform. Heavy lifting machines have great applications in different industries and construction sites. These machineries are designed to efficiently complete the task of lifting and shifting heavy loads, however, in order to get the maximum efficiency from these machines and to stay safe, it is important to check a few things before you actually start working with them. Here is a brief discussion on the 7 important safety measures you need to consider before you can start using heavy lifting equipment:

  • First of all, check if the equipment is equipped with all the safeguards fitted at the right place in the right way. All the heavy lifting equipment come with particular safeguards for safe use in the industry, and installing these safeguards properly adds a lot to the overall safety of the user and also the associate workers. It should also be checked that the machine is free from any defects of any type.

  • Regular maintenance is the other key to promote safety while using heavy lifting machineries. Maintenance should include regular inspection of critical features of the equipment where deterioration might lead to operational risk.

  • The entire range of heavy lifting equipment is provided with a booklet or instruction list which points the residual risks identified by the manufacturer. It is really important that those identified residual risks are properly taken care of in the industrial environment where the equipment is being used.
  • Making sure that the machines have been installed properly is another crucial thing. For safety reasons, it is really important that the equipment is stable before it can be put to use; and improper installation can hugely affect the stability of any machine. So, ensure that the machine has been installed by technicians with proper know how.

  • While using heavy lifting equipment, it is not only the safety of the user under concern, but complete safety of other workers, visitors or customers is also important. So, the safety concern of the other people at the location should also be verified, and if necessary, the place should not be used for other tasks for the moment.

  • The maximum efficiency from lifting equipment can be achieved only when it is used for the purpose for which it is designed. Making sure that you have chosen the right equipment for a particular job is important for safety and also for achieving the highest efficiency.
  • Identifying and dealing professionally with the risks from electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic power supplies is the other important thing that you need to consider before using heavy lifting equipment for any purpose.

The above mentioned points chalk out the basic safety measures one needs to check out before using heavy lifting equipment. Detailed safety measures according to the guidelines of the government should be followed in order to use heavy lifting equipment safely.

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