The Future Of Embroidery Digitizing


For the past couple of years, everything is on the verge to get digitized. Like talking about food making to clothing everything can be done digitally. The logos and printing of pictures we saw on T-Shirts or clothes are also done digitally. Going back to years when machines were not introduced everything was done manually. There used to be only painting, and embroidery was done with hands, after that manual pressing machines were introduced, which reduced the workload and hence led to an increase in production.

We Megri Digitizing have been in the embroidery digitizing business since 1999. We are experienced, and we have built a strong team and provide high-quality output to our clients. We know that if someone is spending money to buy our product it is our responsibility to provide them with the best.

What is embroidery digitizing?

The process of converting a file containing codes into an instruction file or digitized file, so that the embroidery machines can understand instructions and work accordingly to sew the thread in a way required is called embroidery digitizing.

What things can you digitize?

There is not a limit now to the things you can digitize. The drawings of your children, images you have found on the internet, and any picture of yours can be digitized. You can sew the daily objects and digitize them. But there are some limitations as you cannot print scenery in a two-inch patch.

Yes we are best in what we do

This is the main reason we have for choosing us that we can provide. We are a Canada-based digitizing company and also provide our services in the UK, USA, and across the world.  Over the years we have evolved in many ways. We have 24/7 tele calling support for our customers. We have special prices and offers for bulk orders for both Digitizing and Vector art services.

Reasons that make us different from others

A squad of skilled digitizers-

We have a bundle of best-skilled embroidery digitizers who can literally use digitizing software and make machines work accordingly as per customers’ needs.

Quality is our first priority-

What is the use of making a product if there is no quality? But we make sure every single product reaches you contains good quality design and material which will save the customer’s time and efforts. We are a leading company in embroidery digitizing, logo digitizing, so providing our customers with the best quality is our strict policy.

We are quick and hassle-free-

You can rely on us for quick delivery and hassle-free services. We also provide edits free of cost. We provide a quick turnaround value for money.

Experience matters-

We are in this business for the past decade so we know how things work and how the taste of customers is evolving with time. With having experience of more than 15 years in digitizing and raster to vector art conversions, we are here to provide you the best as per your requirements.

Team of experts-

We have an expert team that leads with example and always has their proper guidance over other staff.

Thus to conclude, customer satisfaction is our aim and mission. We are thankful to our industrious team and devoted clients because of them only we are the proud crown holders who have defeated all the challenges in this embroidery digitizing market.

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