How to Register as a Skip Supplier in London?

Skip Supplier

Like all other places, skip hire companies are operating in London too. It is because it is mandated by the law to dump waste materials from any place including home, industries, offices, construction sites and such other places at some far-off place authorised by the government. This is the reason that there are so many skip hire companies available in London. For all those skip suppliers who are already operating as well as those who wish to establish their skip hire companies, it is necessary to get registered with the concerned authorities of the relevant city or state. Without registration and a valid license, the skip companies are considered to be unlawful. Registration with the local authorities permits a skip supplier to start operating. Rules of registration for skip suppliers are almost same in all parts of London with slight variations.

Completion of the registration form- To get registered as Skip supplier in London or to renew the existing registration, you need to fill all the details mentioned on the registration form provided by the local authorities. On the registration form, you need to give details; such as name of the company, house number, address, telephone & fax numbers and e-mail address etc.  In case, you are establishing or running your skip supplier in partnership with someone, you must give all the relevant details of the associate as well. Apart from this, the contact details of the operations manager and director or company secretary of the skip supplier must also be filled in the form.

Other documents required for registration– In addition to the registration form, you need to submit some other documents also with the local authorities. These documents include Articles of Incorporation Document which is required from Limited Companies only, Goods Vehicles Operators License, Control and Pollution Certificate or Trade Waste Carriers Licence and Public Liability Insurance which varies from one place to another. Before submitting all these documents, check them properly to ensure that these are up-to-date and valid too.

Getting the distinct ID number– Following completion of the submission of application form and other relevant documents, these are checked by the concerned authorities. Once they are completely satisfied, they provide a distinct ID number to the skip supplier which is then mentioned on the documents as reference while applying for the licences.

These are some general guidelines to get registered as a skip supplier with the concerned authorities in London. There may be some variations in these depending upon the place from where you are applying for the registration process. There may be some additional requirements which need to be fulfilled by the skip supplier applying for the registration ID number. The important point is that it is mandatory by the government for all new skip suppliers to get themselves registered. The existing suppliers must also get their registration renewed from time to time as per requirements. Failure to do so leads to cancellation of skip hire permit. Therefore, skip suppliers must always pay attention towards registration process.

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