Less Is More: Are You Using Too Much Text In Your Presentation


Whenever you have to present anything to any audience, a lot runs at the back of your mind.  Am I capturing their attention? Does my presentation really make sense? Is it attractive? With all these questions, you may want to make use of a great visual with very little text. The only way to maximize efficiency and effectiveness with regards to getting your audience to concentrate, comprehend, remember, and use your information is by employing a great visual presentation. And with the right software, you can be assured of achieving unique and positive results like never before.

As a leader of the business management team, it is your work to ensure that all your points are well captured and presented. Your presentation could be the only thing standing between you and success. This means that you have to make the most out of it and there is little or no room for error at all.  Also, you need to organize your slides in a way that they won’t confuse your audience. To drive your message across without much hassle, using less text but more of visuals will be vital. The following are some advantages of using less text in your presentation and, of course, using the right tools. Please read on.

Enhances Capturing Your Audience’s Attention

It is quite frustrating to present something and realize almost everyone is minding their own business. It could be you’re boring them with too much text, or your approach is not as attractive as it should be. The worst part is, we are living in the computer age, and almost everyone has a Smartphone, laptop or a tablet with them. The second they are bored, they’ll start looking for something else to do. You must think outside the box and come up with ways to capture their attention – and less text is perhaps one of them. For instance, your presentation slides are always clean with Beautiful AI. Don’t bore your audience with slides full of bullet points and too much text.

Saves Time

Isn’t it obvious that a picture speaks a thousand words? At any given time, visual effects create long-lasting memories in people’s minds. And are also easier to understand. Come to think about it! How much time do you spend typing a thousand words? And how much does it cost you to drag and drop a picture? The latter is pretty quick, right? Creating good visuals is not only useful but also time-saving. Instead of having too much text in bullet points, you can try using software that helps you create a unique visual without wasting a lot of time.

Enhances Easier Understanding Of Information

It’s no secret that our brain processes visuals quicker than texts. That’s just the way it is. When you see something, the brain gets to work immediately and tries to make sense out of it. It’ll be much is easier when there are some graphics involved in your presentation as opposed to dealing with a wall of text. If you are running a business management software, for instance, the stakes are higher. And you can’t afford to take any chances. Luckily, having the right tool will be quite helpful, especially in suggesting ways for visualizing your ideas. You’ll get to enjoy adding new content to your slides while making the most out of it.


Times are changing, and the days where you’d present your content casually are long gone. Nobody wants to sit and watch you go through a wall of text or several bullet points. That’s a thing of the past. What people want is visualized ideas which are beautiful and appealing to the eye. And it can significantly help take your business to the next level. Going through such creates a better understanding and has a significant impact on the audience. You can also look out for other relevant themed blogs about how to make your presentation short and appealing to the audience.

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