Knowing The Australian Government Recommendations Light At Your Home

your home

Have you been wondering how to choose the ideal light for different light functions and areas in your home? Let’s go through different aspects to have a better understanding –

Functions Of Light

Lighting is truly categorized into ambient, accent, task, and decorative lighting. Each category imparts a different purpose. When planning the light for a home, it is quite helpful to understand how these different light levels can truly complement each other. It is time to go with the functions of light.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting imparts a uniform amount of lighting all across an area or room for general vision and orientation. Recessed downlights, cove lighting, or pendant-hung fixtures are typical examples of ambient lighting. It also goes with the option of Australian government recommendations.

Task Lighting

To impart light in an area where activity has been placed such as the kitchen countertop where the meals are truly prepared a reading lamp or a make-up mirror. It is truly meant to highlight a particular area in addition to the ambient light in that room.

Accent Lighting

It is truly used to highlight objects such as works of art, architectural features, or plants by coming up with contrast in brightness. It is generally achieved by going recessed or surface mounts, adjustable fixtures or track lighting, wall washing, and wall grazing. It is time to help choosing LEDs for your home.

Decorative Lighting

It is jewellery for the home, and the main purpose of decorative lighting fixtures is to look pretty, chandeliers and wall sconces are true examples. This layered approach to lighting is truly useful to create a comfortable visually balanced atmosphere. Once it is decided what sort of fixture will truly be placed for the different functions, it is time to contemplate the colour temperature. The light should complement the interior design, colours, furniture, and different decorations in your home.

Colour Temperature For Ambient Light

The ambient lighting in a room is truly the prominent source of light and therefore a key element in setting the entire mood and ambience of a room. The warm white lighting fixture is truly preferred in living rooms and bedrooms to create a cosy atmosphere. The kelvin numbers offered for LED lights are truly 2700k and 3000k. These warm white lights are indeed an ideal choice to compliment earth tones and wood furniture. If more than one sort of ambient light is installed such as downlights and cove lighting then you need to pick the same colour temperature for both to make sure of an even and harmonic effect.


Go with the above-mentioned points and make sure that you choose the right option. It’s time to say yes to the ideal platform.

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