Where Is David Shamblin These Days? After Being Divorced From Gwen


The newest endeavour, Gwen Shamblin: Starving for Salvation on Lifetime, is a product of the contentious ministry of Gwen Shamblin. by the Weigh Down Workshop, a weight-reduction programme created to assist participants in overcoming weight loss by religious means, Shamblin rose to renown. Though its tactics drew criticism from experts, the Weigh Down Workshop went on to become a multimillion dollar business.

Gwen was the company’s public face, while David Shambin, her first husband, served as the CEO in the background. When David and Gwen separated in 1978, forty years after getting married, it infuriated a church that had been raised to view divorce as a grave sin.

David Shamblin became reclusive when Gwen established Remnant Fellowship.

david shamblin became reclusive after Gwen established Remnant Fellowship, her ministry. He continued running Weigh Down Workshop but rarely, if ever, engaged in Remnant Fellowship events or attended church meetings.

Why David did not attend Remnant Fellowship is unknown. Though he was a Masters of Divinity scholar, rumours have it that he felt uneasy spreading his wife’s false religious beliefs. According to another rumour, David, who has a large frame, disapproved of Gwen’s pursuit of thinness.

David won a $3.2 million settlement following his divorce from Gwen. Despite Gwen designating him as the primary beneficiary, the divorce precluded him from receiving any of her inheritance. Michael Shamblin and Elizabeth Hannah, the couple’s children, inherited Gwen’s riches.

Elizabeth and Michael participate in the Remnant Fellowship, in contrast to David. Elizabeth corroborated Gwen’s claim that half of the money she made was donated to the church. But Gwen left no money to the church in her bequest. In response to the dispute, Remnant Fellowship said the following:

Regarding Gwen’s estate, Gwen, Michael, and Elizabeth made the decision nearly twenty years ago to donate the structure and grounds of Remnant Fellowship Church with roughly $10 million of what would have been Michael and Elizabeth’s inheritance.

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