Steelo Brim Has A New Girlfriend After Breaking Up With His Fiancée Conna Walker

steelo brim girlfriend

Famed performer Steelo Brim is best known for co-hosting and producing the MTV comedy show Ridiculousness. The 34-year-old TV personality once made news on the internet when he told everyone he was getting married to Conna Walker.

They broke up in secret, so their proposal couldn’t lead to marriage. They have been going their separate ways since then. Brim got over his split and is now dating Alahna Jade, who is very pretty. Take a look at this list of steelo brim girlfriend.

Steelo Brim was going to marry Conna Walker. Read about their engagement and divorce.

Steelo Brim has been married before, but he is not married now. He was engaged to fashion designer Conna Walker in the past. They began going out together in 2015. They dated for a while, and after a year, in 2016, Steelo got down on one knee to ask Conna to marry him. In May 2016, Steelo made it public through a series of Tweets that have since been deleted. This meant that they were engaged.

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Brim and Walker have shared some of their snaps on social media since they made the news. Brim was also being honest about his bond with his fiancée. They were seen sending each other sweet and caring tweets at one point. A lot of people thought that Brim and Walker would get married and become husband and wife.

Steelo Brim with Conna Walker, who used to be his fiancée

It was too bad it couldn’t happen because they broke up. Also, most of their social media posts were removed, which seemed to imply that they broke up in early 2020. Soon after the breakup, Steelo started to drop hints about his new girlfriend.

Following his breakup with Conna Walker, Steelo Brim found a new girlfriend.

Alahna Jade is the name of Steelo Brim’s new girlfriend. As was already said, Steelo was engaged to Conna Walker before they broke up, and Brim then went on to his current partner, Jade. On September 27, 2020, Steelo tweeted, “Let’s talk about what really matters…why do white people think Tabasco sauce is hot sauce?” This made people wonder who she was.

Someone replied to that tweet by telling him to ask the person he’s dating. Right, Brim said his girlfriend is black. Another tweet from Steelo about his girlfriend came in December of that year. He said, “Watching “The Way You Make Me Feel” this morning trying to convince my GF Michael Jackson was a crip.”

While Brim was still aware of his privacy, he didn’t tell anyone about his new lover at first. After some time, it came out that he was seeing Jade. You can find Brim on Instagram as @steelobrim, where he often posts pictures with his girlfriend. We can see the two of them going on many public events and exploring together.

A growing fashion blogger, model, Instagram star, and social media influencer, Alahna Jade has a big following on Instagram. She signed up with the name @aalahna and posts about her life on her account. Also, Jade isn’t afraid to let everyone know how much she loves them. Her Instagram posts often show her boy Zyan, so it looks like Jade has one.

Another rumour was that Steelo was seeing Chanel West Coast. Coast once said in an interview that she liked Steelo, which led to rumours that they were dating. But it has never been proven for sure if they dated or not.

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