Some Commonly Asked Questions About Fire Rated Doors


You would see fire doors in your daily life- at home, at work, or in various commercial buildings. Fire doors can help a lot in emergencies and even contribute to saving lives. In this article, we have listed some common questions that people ask about fire doors.

What Is The Importance Of Fire Doors?

The fire-rated doors are very important because they can stop fire and smoke from spreading quickly, by keeping it confined in the compartment where it started for a given period. It is an eminent part of a property’s passive fire-fighting system.

What Is Their Work?

The most important work of fire doors is that it stops the instant spread of fire and helps in saving lives. It also prevents damage to buildings and properties. They are generally installed in emergency escapes and stairs so that people can get time to run out of the building in the event of a fire emergency. They also help to protect nearby buildings from fire damage.

How Long Does It Last?

The fire rated doors and their frames are usually designed to hold back fire for around 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Their fire fighting capabilities also depend on their installation process and they should also be sealed correctly. The condition of the fire doors can deteriorate over time, so it is essential to take proper care of them. Check the doors regularly and carry out inspections which will help identify non-compliant fire doors.

Is It A Legal Requirement?

Fire doors are a legal requirement for all non-domestic properties, like commercial buildings, public houses, etc. They are also a major requirement in apartments with multiple flats and occupancy. Before installing fire doors, a proper fire assessment is also essential. Professionals should carry out the procedure and their advice should be taken to mitigate any type of fire risks, including choosing the right rating for the concerned fire door.

Is It Possible To Paint Fire Doors?

It is important to fit the right components on fire doors, but they do not need any special type of painting. You can either use regular decorative paints or varnish to match their appearance to the interiors of the building. But make sure not to paint over any hinges, seals, etc. However, you do not need to compromise on the aesthetics- you can get a wide range of finishing options on these doors to make them look flawless.

As much as it is important to buy a high-quality fire door, it is equally important to install them properly. As mentioned earlier, the installation process can also impact the overall performance of the door, so you should keep that in mind. Always hire a professional to carry out the task with perfection.

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