Factors That Should Influence The Re-Evaluation Of Old Mining Pumps

Mining Pump

Technical tools are only as efficient as the condition in which they are maintained. It is important for high-tech tools such as mining pumps to be re-evaluated periodically for their status monitoring. A faulty pump might affect the factory’s efficiency. It might also be dangerous if the defects to the pump end up in line clogging or explosions. Instead, you should depend on certain crucial factors to give you a solid indicator that it is time to re-evaluate the status of your pumps and invest in strategies for effective mining pump solutions

Age of the pumps

Mining pump maintenance and repair is heavily dependent on how long your pumps have been functioning since they have been installed. In some cases, factories also invest in second-hand pumps for a cost-effective strategy of mining. However, this means you have to be even more attentive towards your pump evaluation over periodic checks. You should also pay more attention towards the older pump models which might not have been upgraded to the latest certifications. These can become dangerous over time as they are more prone to breakdown during critical processes.

Abrasive usage leading to wearing out of the pumps

Slurries with specific gravity ranges of above 2.65 are usually more abrasive than slurries which range at about 1.65 or more. The abrasiveness at higher specific gravities might be more than 70 per cent higher which will most definitely have a faster damaging effect on your pumps. If you did not consider the abrasive wear conditions before selecting the correct pump for your slurry, it is even more critical to keep a periodic inspection going for your pumps to know when it is time for immediate replacement with a pump model that is equipped to handle the effects of abrasive mining conditions more conveniently.

Maintenance report over quarterly evaluation

If your factory has an outdated maintenance report strategy, you might not be making an executive decision about your mining pump replacement based on real-time data. In cases, where you find you will need to upgrade the maintenance evaluation strategy for more compatible periodic evaluation, you must first take the time to assess the real-time condition of your pumps before putting the maintenance strategy in action. It might be that you need to replace your pumps before you can start the maintenance efforts at all.

Checking operations efficiency

Finally, if your mining strategy still depends on outdated pumps, you might actually be losing money and time on inefficiencies in your factory operations. Take the time to assess the pump efficiencies at the best efficiency and peak efficiency points. This will give you an average idea about the capacity of the operation of your mining pumps. In cases where the piston is operating at an average less than the range of 80-90 per cent, it is more prudent to decide for a replacement instead of just repairing the old pump systems.

Finally, make sure you have a solid budget plan before you start the assessment of your pumps. This is critical to making the final decision with regards to your mining pumps replacement for the improved operations strategy of your factory.

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