Exploring Different Options For Cheap Car Shipping

car shipping

Moving from one location to the other is a part of human life. Many people have to relocate from one place to the other for different reasons. These reasons are myriad; from work to family or health, so many things can make someone pack up their life in one state or city and move to another.

When people move, they generally do so with their worldly possessions and one of the things that is not easy to let go of is a car(s). Most people are either sentimentally attached to their vehicle or do not think it financially viable to dispose of their car to get another one in the new location. You can visit this site:https://www.motorbiscuit.com/ for reasons why you may have to dispose of your car when relocating.

If at the end of day, you decide to move your car to the new location there are many options that are open to you. In this article, we will explore those options so that you can decide which one is the most cost effective option for you.

Different Ways of Shipping a Car

Car Shipping

There are different ways of shipping a car and they include the following:-


This is the Do-It-Yourself option inn which you drive the car to the new location by yourself. This can be considered the cheapest option because you do not have to pay any fees. All you need to do is ensure that the car is in good working condition with gas in the tank. Depending on the distance that you have to cover, you may need to put aside money for


This option is really great to adventure loving folks who do not mind driving long distances. Additionally, you must be confident that you can handle the terrain that you have to drive through. This also means that you must be familiar with the route to a good degree.

Hire a Professional

This option is close to the first option just that you will not be the one to drive the car. You can look for a professional who you are confident can drive through any terrain or road condition. This person can also be a friend or family member in whose skill you’re confident.

While this option is also cost effective because you only have to pay the driver, (sometimes you don’t even have to pay especially if it is a friend or family member) there is the danger of the person taking your car for a joy ride. The only way this can be worth it is if you get to ride with the person.

With the 2 options above, you can have fun by turning the whole exercise to a road trip. Make plans for stop overs so that you will not have too long a stretch of driving. Bear in mind however, that these options can only be considered for mostly intercity or state distances. There are some distances that these options will end up being too expensive in different ramifications.

Use Shipping Company

This is by far the most convenient way of moving your vehicle to a new location. These companies already have all that it takes to ensure that your vehicle gets to the new destination without stressing you out. All you need to do is take out time and make an effort to get the best company to work with.

There are some options to explore when looking to hire an auto transport company and they include the following:-

1. Type of Carrier – You have to choose between open and enclosed transport carriers. Open carriers are safe for generic vehicles but are not the best option for high end vehicle.

2. Delivery Method – You can either choose terminal to terminal delivery or door to door delivery. With the terminal to terminal, you have to drop off the vehicle at the pickup terminal and pick it up when it gets to the delivery terminal. Door to door on the other hand means that the shipper will pick up the vehicle directly from you and deliver it to the desired destination.

3. Shipping Timeline – You can either choose to work with the shipper’s timeline or request for a particular delivery date. If you are looking for companies that offer cheap car shipping services, you have to consider working with their timeline. Start out early to search for which auto transporter to hire. This will guarantee that you will not miss their shipping timeline. If however, you insist on your own date, you have to pay for expedited shipping which will cost you more.


Having looked at the 3 options of shipping your car, you can deduce the one that is most cost effective. You have to also consider factors such as time, physical exertion, road risks and related issues. When you evaluate the pros and cons of each option, you will definitely know the one that works best for you.

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