Guide To The Fastest Electric Scooters In 2022


Electric scooters are empowering the modern world. They are enabling people to travel around town or across the city quickly but carefully, making it easier for multiple modes of transport to co-exist without causing issues. Scooters can be light and nimble or strong and stable, and they’re just as fun to ride as they are useful.

People all around the world are using these little marvels of technology to move from place to place with ease and much less stress because they aren’t stuck in traffic jams! We’ve pulled together some relevant information on the fastest electric scooters, so everyone can learn more about them. How fast electric scooters can be? And how to ride it safely? We check!

What is the average speed of an electric scooter?

Most electric scooters have a top speed of up to 15 mph, making them the perfect choice for both recreational as well as commuting purposes. They are ideal for every adult who needs to get from point A to B with a bit of fresh air and work out along the way!

However, there are models of electric scooters that are much faster, reaching over 30 and sometimes almost 40 mph top speed. These scooters are for advanced riders who already have a lot of experience and know-how to move safely, but at the same time like to feel the wind in their hair.

So, if you’re asking “how fast is an electric scooter” our answer is: it depends on which one you choose. 😉

Are you an adventurer? Okay, but stay safe!

If you’re thinking of buying your own fast e-scooter, great! It can be really fun, and it can also become your passion. However, don’t forget that these advanced models are not suitable for beginners, and be sure you already have enough experience to handle them. Some scooters are really sped beasts. 😉 You can ride them almost as fast as your car. And when you have made up your mind, remember the basic safety rules:

  • Wear a helmet. Yes, we know it may seem boring, but it’s really very important. Remember that you are not protected by an airbag or seat belts on the electric scooter. At such high speeds, your head must be safe.
  • One scooter = one rider. Electric scooters are designed for one person, and there are no exceptions. Riding a scooter requires balance, and two people are not able to provide it.
  • Stay focused on the road. If you are riding an electric scooter 30mph or even faster than you need to be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open to other road users and pedestrians.
  • Keep both hands on the handlebars. This keeps you in control when you hit an unexpected hole, or you suddenly have to pull off the road at the last minute.
  • Leave the smartphone for later. It’s not cool at all when you pretend to be relaxed, riding fast with your e-scooter and using your smartphone. It’s cool to keep yourself and others safe.

Can you make your electric scooter faster?

Many people are looking for an answer to whether and how to make the electric scooter go faster. Of course, there are ways to speed up your electric scooter. You can remove the speed limiter, upgrade the battery or add a new one or change the sprockets. You will find lots of ideas and instructions on how to do this on the internet. However, you must remember that each scooter is made by the manufacturer with certain specifications. Making one or more of the above-mentioned changes to a vehicle may increase its performance, but may impact the safety or service life of an electric scooter if it is misused.

That is why, if you like fast riding, choose one of the fast models that are available on the market. They may be more expensive than regular electric scooters, but thanks to this you can be sure of high quality and safety, and you can enjoy really high power.

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